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Our FREE Play Guide will help you learn about three different types of child development

Motor Skills

Tummy time makes tongues move! Mini-milestones achieved through play are important for your baby’s physical development.


Exceptional things are happening! 85% of the brain is formed by age 3, and play forges important connections.


Every new experience develops new connections — and play helps build the foundation of key social-emotional skills for later in life.

More about what you'll learn:

Their first year

Congratulations, parents — you’re here. And we know getting here isn’t always simple. Figuring out your newborn can come with a few curveballs, too. Use this guide as you prepare for your new role — though nothing can prepare you for those first gummy smiles (or stinky blowouts). We encourage you to embrace those moments are they come. Here’s what to expect:

• Muscles mean movement (and tummy time)
• Speech and language developments — first sounds, first words, first giggles
• Discovering people, places, and things
• Curiosity and exploring the world through their mouth

Learning to walk before they run (1–2 years)

Que the waterworks — your baby is officially a toddler. How did that happen so fast? And speaking of fast, they’re starting to pick up speed. Welcome to the busy season (it’s fast-paced but tons of fun).

• Learning to walk before they run (1–2 years)
• Walking, running, and climbing! Your baby is on the move.
• Fine motor skills: doodling and eating
• Imagination comes to life!

Bye-bye babble, your toddler is talking!

You have a pre-schooler (age 3–4)!

Just like the first year of your baby’s life, the toddler years come with a lot of growth and learning (both for you and your kiddo). While you’re nearing the end of the toddler years, there is so much fun ahead and much to look forward to.

• Growing independence! Your kiddo has likes, dislikes, and questions.
• If your child is not very talkative, that will likely change soon.
• Running, climbing, riding bikes — you have a busy mover.
• Playtime can be a bit more structured (puzzles, colouring, counting, and story time)

"This guide was well thought out and really helped in the early days of my parenting!"


Busy working mom with an energetic toddler

"With three kids 5 and under, I found lots of value in the guide (and stuff I wished I knew when I had my first baby). Kaili has great ideas for play-based leaning at every stage."


Content creator with three awesome kids