Monkey - Mateo
Monkey - Mateo
Monkey - Mateo
Monkey - Mateo
Monkey - Mateo
Monkey - Mateo
Monkey - Mateo
Monkey - Mateo

Monkey - Mateo

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Meet Mateo the Monkey, the newest addition to our Chi Chi collection.

Guaranteed to be a cheeky, energetic friend who loves bananas but loves to entertain your little one even more!

Detailed embroidered features on the linen fabric give Mateo a realistic look.

Mateo wears an adorable striped romper and has long legs and arms meant for giving cuddles.

The soft body which is great for snuggles is filled with recycled pet fibers making it environmentally friendly as well.

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Tikiri Toys

Tikiri Toys was founded in 2013 out of an abundance of love and knowledge of toys and toddlers. Tikiri is dedicated to making only top-quality, organic, handcrafted toys that promote a child’s physical and emotional development.

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