Louelle. Bunny | Grey Gingham
Louelle. Bunny | Grey Gingham
Louelle. Bunny | Grey Gingham
Louelle. Bunny | Grey Gingham



Louelle. Bunny | Grey Gingham

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Made from Louelle's luxurious soft linen and cotton blend, the Louelle Bunny is irresistibly cute and will be a beautiful addition to your baby’s nursery décor.

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Founded in 2016 by sister-in-laws Amy and Sally, Louelle makes luxury sleeping bags, bedding, towels, accessories and apparel for babies and children. Designed in both the brand’s New York and Melbourne studios, Louelle’s collections are a timeless and ethically-produced addition to your baby’s wardrobe, nursery, and bathtime-routine.

  • Mom-Owned
  • Clean Ingredients
  • Ethical Production
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