Montessori Sensory Clutch Ball - Acorn
Montessori Sensory Clutch Ball - Acorn
Montessori Sensory Clutch Ball - Acorn
Montessori Sensory Clutch Ball - Acorn

Montessori Sensory Clutch Ball - Acorn

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This sensory Clutch Ball toy is designed to delight your baby's developing senses. Signature high-contrast hand painted graphics grab baby's attention visually, while varied textures provide tactile stimulation. Its beautiful organic shell fabrics and acorn pattern make it the perfect keepsake gift.

Also called an "Amish puzzle ball", it was popularized by Montessori educators. The segments make it easier for a baby to clutch than a regular ball. And when it drops, it won't roll far. It's the perfect first ball for babies, and is a popular favorite baby toy.

If you hang the sensory Clutch Ball above a child at 3 months, they will start kicking at it. At around 5 months, they’ll begin grasping at the ball. The segments of the ball not only make it easy for an infant to pick up, but they keep it from rolling too far away when dropped. 

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Mom and dad duo, Surya and Dave, were fascinated by the idea of helping their baby’s brain develop by simply playing with visuals. With backgrounds in teaching, chemistry, botany, and zoology — they created Wee Gallery. Taking into account each stage of child development to encourage learning through play, their high-contrast visual patterned play essentials support your little one’s growing mind.

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