All Circles Table - Modern Kids Play Table
All Circles Table - Modern Kids Play Table
All Circles Table - Modern Kids Play Table
All Circles Table - Modern Kids Play Table

All Circles Table - Modern Kids Play Table

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With its sleek and timeless design, the All Circles table stands out among other tables. Its clean lines, natural materials, and neutral color palette make it a visually stunning piece that will compliment any modern interior. In addition to transforming playtime into a delightful and stylish experience, your child will instantly fall in love with the table's inviting charm.

From arts and crafts to story time, the All Circles table promotes interactive learning. As well as fostering cognitive development and imagination, its smooth surface allows children to colour, draw, and play with their favourite toys.

With clear and straightforward instructions, you'll have it ready in no time, leaving more time for play and quality moments with your child.

Table dimensions: l: 33. 5" d: 27. 5" h: 18. 5" 



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All Circles

All Circles is a Canadian design brand that creates furniture and play items for children to nurture a sense of creativity and imagination. Every product is made to blend in perfectly with the home’s overall interior, making both children and adults feel at ease in every room.

  • Child Development
  • Ethical Production
  • Clean Ingredients
  • Give Back
  • Made in North America
Ships To
USA and Canada
Based In
Ontario, Canada

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