Our Value Standards

The Peeka & Co. Value Standards are a set of high-standard criteria that qualify a brand to be Peeka & Co. approved. Our vetting process involves asking our brand partners the right questions, so you can feel confident in the products you bring into your home.



We are on a mission to empower women and advance equality. Just one of the ways we do this is by partnering with female and mom-founded brands. Shop credible, parent-loved, and mom-created play essentials.


Black, Brown, Indigenous, and People of Color are underrepresented. We’re partnering with BIPOC-owned brands to create a more inclusive tomorrow.

Give Back

Giving back is a core, fundamental business practice for Peeka & Co. Our brands meet this standard if they give back to a registered non-profit — it could be directly tied to each product sold, a one-for-one model, or a lump-sum donation.


Clean Ingredients

Natural ingredients lead to safer play. Explore clean products with simple ingredients, free from toxins, phthalates, and parabens.


Made in North America

Production that supports local craftspeople and employs workers based in North America. Discover a neighbors’ business, explore items crafted in your city or state, and shop brands close to home.

Ethical Production

Production practices rooted in the fair treatment and payment of employees. Shop brands with responsible practices every step of the way.


Child Development

From sparking imagination to refining motor skills and building vocabulary, shop products that support and promote a child’s learning and development.

From pediatric occupational therapists to early childhood educators, explore brands that work with healthcare professionals and family-focused educators to develop their products and experiences.

One of our core goals at Peeka & Co. is to provide modern parents with a truly inclusive and high quality selection of products for their children. Learn more about how we do this and our story.