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Upseat Product Review-Stephanie Southerland

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Baby sits up tall and supported in the Upseat

I’ve been a mom for six years and during this time, I’ve used countless baby sitting apparatus’. Early on with our first baby, we were given the “other” seat from a veteran mom-friend. We’ve traveled with it, and have purchased used ones for both Grandma’s to have at their homes. I had no idea there was any diversity in the child “sitting” category. It certainly feels like one particular seat cornered the market.

This was all before I was introduced to the Upseat. 

I had to try it out. 

What is the Upseat?
The Upseat is a 3-in-1 ergonomic floor and booster seat that encourages upright posture and healthy hip development.

How does it work?
Place it down on a safe and sturdy surface and put your kiddo in it (4+ months). 

What does it cost?

Baby sits up in the ergonomic Upseat with tray attached in their nursery

First Impressions

My first impression was that the “other” seat seemed more comfortable because of its foam-like material – but after trying the Upseat, it didn’t take long for my opinion to change.
I know this sounds like such a silly thing to be impressed with, but the Upseat has a handle. I’m the mom that only takes one trip from the car with all her packages.The handle makes the seat easy to grab while my hands are full of everything else. I can even hold a baby while carrying the chair with my other hand.

When I put my four-month-old in the seat, I immediately fell in love with the height of the back support. It made me feel confident that he was sitting comfortably and his neck was supported. 

One of my friends also has the Upseat, and she loves using it as a booster seat for mealtime. It’s secure and safe and the perfect spot for her seven month old to explore foods. Our baby just started cereal this week, and I can say with confidence that I agree – the booster functionality of the seat is great, and makes it easy for the baby to join us at the table. 

The amount of obvious benefits the Upseat has over its competitors is almost too numerous to count.

Close up photo of baby sitting in the Upseat with tray attached
What makes this brand/product special?

Right now Upseat focuses primarily on three products; the booster seat, the toddler booster, and the tray that goes on the booster seat. I love that they aren’t over extending themselves and are focusing on what they know (and they’re doing a great job at it). 

I also really love that Founders Steve and Kim are a local Canadian family. They couldn’t find the right product to support their son Jack, and took action. I really admire that.

Another thing I love: The Upseat is CANADIAN. I’m a sucker for a “made in Canada” product. 

There is a lifetime warranty on Upseat products, so if you’re planning or not on more than one kiddo it is nice to know that you could contact them, even a couple years down the line with issues you may be having. I would love to be able to contact companies for items I bought my daughter 6 years ago but no one offers that level of dedication to their product. 

Smiling baby in a hat and sweater sits safely and securely in their Upseat Baby Seat
More About Upseat

It wasn’t until they started to look for a floor seat for their son, Jack, that Steve and Kim came to understand the importance of ergonomics for babies. Every chair that Jack tried caused him to slouch. After consulting with physiotherapists, Steve and Kim identified a need for baby seats that support proper posture and healthy development. Founded in 2017, the Upseat is a 3-in-1 floor and booster seat that encourages proper, upright posture and healthy hip development for babies.

Value Standards

InclusionFor every 10 Upseats sold one is donated to their partner organization. 

Safety - The Upseat is a 3-in-1 ergonomic floor seat and high chair that encourages proper upright posture and is safe for hip development. It’s also ethically made with clean ingredients, so you can feel comfortable having it in your home around around your baby.

Credibility - The Upseat was professionally designed by physical therapists to encourage proper sitting posture and healthy hip alignment for infants. It has 3 main “benefits” (although, I think there are MANY more), it encourages upright posture (something as an adult I am still terrible at), healthy hip development and promotes upper body mobility. I also commend their transparency. Most companies will claim involvement from unknown professionals but you can head directly to the Upseat website to see their board members and experts, learn who they are and what they do.


I have learned over the years that the best marketing for Moms is word of mouth. Mom’s are powerful and mighty in number. I love that I learned about Upseat from a girlfriend of mine before I even got a chance to review it for you. It means that the word is already out there about how awesome this seat is. 

The Upseat is now the item that gets thrown in the car no matter where we’re headed, we really do love it. I fully intend to invest in the Toddler booster seat when it comes time to move to that chair. 

Take it from the mouth of this Mama, you will not regret this purchase, I solemnly swear.


Stephanie Southerland

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