Wooden Toys

Top Wooden Toys and Why We Love Them

Posted by Anneliese Lawton

When my oldest son was born six years ago, wooden toys were just starting to break into the play scene. Montessori was just being touched on then, too. But at the time, I didn’t understand how valuable these toys were and the learning it would inspire. Now, my oldest is six and my youngest is two – and their playroom looks much different than it did when I was a first-time mom. We’ve incorporated more wooden toys and less flashing lights. For one, it helps limit over stimulation (something I’ve learned a lot about over the last few years). But there are other reasons I love wooden toys: they inspire a child’s imagination, they look adorable as decor in a room, they’re made of sustainable, safe, and natural materials, and many wooden toys promote Montessori learning. 

Here are some of my favorites: 

Manhattan Toy – Deep Sea Adventure 
Manhattan Toy Deep Sea Adventure Wooden Playset sits with 4 cross sections full of sensory fun

Named by the Toy Association as a finalist in the Infant/Toddler category, this wood activity center is packed full of exciting features. Includes four quadrants in the shape of a jellyfish with a variety of activities including gliders, bead runs, spinning gears, springy coral, and clacking clams. Toddlers will love sitting and kneeling as they explore each feature. While the Deep Sea Adventure center is sturdy, it is not designed to be used for pull-up support. 


Manhattan Toy – Musical Lili Llama 
Manhattan Toys Musical Lili Llama sits on a festive green backdrop

Get your jam on! This Llama is loaded with musical fun and activities including four spinners, two gears, one maraca tail, a five-bar xylophone, one set of washboard for ratchet sound, two crackling saddle blankets, and two mallets. This play essential is cute enough to leave sitting out for all to see and was named one of the Best Toys of 2020 by Good Housekeeping.

Wee Gallery – Bamboo Nesting Bear 
4-piece wooden bear nesting toy from Wee Gallery

This adorable nesting bear is made from sustainable eco-friendly bamboo wood and comes in its own printed cotton bag for easy storage and gifting. The arch style staker puzzle is uniquely designed as a bear, sure to delight toddlers and children who enjoy balancing, problem solving, and play activities. A perfect addition to your Scandinavian, woodland, or nature themed nursery. 

Wee Gallery – Wood Stacker Bear 
Dark wooden bear face smiles on top of light and dark alternating rings in the Wee Gallery Bear Stacker.

A classic ring stacker reimagined! Promote fine motor development in young children and begin STEM/STEAM building and learning exploration with this beautifully designed wooden toy from Wee Gallery. The wood rings can be arranged in a variety of creative ways and look adorable as nursery decor. 

Lily & River – Little Games Set 
4 canvas bags full of Lily & River Games as a set
All Circles – PlayArch Wooden Rocker and Climber 
Two laughing kids sit back-to-back in the All Circles Rocker Climber Play Archindoors

This beautiful wooden play arch is a hybrid between a rocker and climber giving it unique versatility for your child’s play and gross motor skills. With a gentle angle and low height, the play arch encourages children to rock, crawl, climb, balance, and stand making it the perfect, safe starting point for little bodies with developing muscles and coordination. Perfect for 18 months to 10 years, have fun seeing the numerous ways your children interact with the PlayArch as they master different competencies.