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Product Review: Toki Mats Padded Play Mats

Posted by Anneliese Lawton
Family-Tested, Family-Approved

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Baby crawls on the Toki Mat padded mat, comfortably supported as they grow.


As a mom of three little ones I’ve placed my babies down on nearly every surface of flooring – carpet, tile, hardwood, a random blanket thrown on the floor. Usually it’s been dependent on my baby’s state of goober (it’s never fun to clean milky spit-up out of a carpet) or a bathroom emergency which surface they happen to land on. So much has changed since my oldest kiddo was born (now six years old). And since then, not only do strollers self-fold, but there are super adorable, décor-worthy playmats for babies and toddlers (that also easily wipe clean!). 

Who is Toki Mats?

Eli, a mother of three from California, came up with the idea of Toki Mats while on maternity leave with her second baby. While sitting in her living room she realized there wasn’t a place to get down on the floor and safely play with her newborn and toddler – at least not one that was both comfortable and modern. Eli spent the next year designing and building Toki Mats – modern and natural foam mats, cushioned for safe play and baby milestones, like tummy time.

How Does it Work?

Toki Mats were designed to give children the freedom to play, tumble, and grow and to always know that it’s okay to fall. They are soft enough to catch tumbles but firm enough to support standing. Each mat is made with non-toxic and organic ingredients, meaning they’re safe for your little one and your home. 

aBaby smiles a big toothy grin as they kneel on all fours on a Toki Mats padded mat with toys and dolls around the playmat.

They’re also portable (easy to store and take on the go), and they wipe easily to clean up all of life’s little messes. One of my favorite parts – the variety! Oh my goodness! Toki Mats come in such a wide range of beautiful (and trendy) colors and patterns, so not only do they fit perfectly into your stage in life but they also fit your lifestyle, too. Choose from cotton and foam playmats or vegan leather and foam. Both styles have a cover that zips off for easy washing. The play mats come in various sizes – standard, mega, and epic – to fit perfectly in any size room, and there are plenty of play mat covers should you choose to switch up your pattern!

What Does it Cost?

Toki mats start at $215 for standard size to $495 for their epic-size mat.

First Impression 

First impression: I wish I had this mat when my boys were little. My youngest son was a dribbler, and we were constantly laying blankets and towels underneath him to protect our carpet from little puddles.

We received a beautiful, soft pink Toki Mat for our playroom. It wasn’t only the color that was soft – the vegan leather is ultrasoft, too. I knew immediately that the mat would be easy to clean – and that is basically the only convincing I need when it comes to a product. But even more so, the mat itself is soft and sturdy. It supported each of my children as they played (weighing from 28 to 65 pounds). While some mats leave little footprints or divots behind from play, Toki Mats do not.

Two little girls lay on a soft Toki playmat comfortably as one whispers in the others ear while they both smile.

The mat comes with two foam inserts, making it easy to fold in half and quickly store away (or bring with us on the go). I love bringing our mat outside for playtime. It doesn’t pick up leaves as a picnic blanket does. We can easily dust off sand or grass and throw it in the back of the car without worry.

The vegan leather is easy to wipe clean and completely waterproof, but still comes with a double zipper for either changing the cover or throwing in the wash. My little ones love rolling along the mat during playtime and quiet time – and if only I had another baby (a girl can dream) I imagine it being the perfect spot for tummy time and baby play, too!

What makes this brand/product special?

There are so many things I love about Toki Mats. For starters, they’re founded by a mom – and no one knows what little ones (and parents) need more than a parent themselves. Toki Mats was inspired by a trendy playmat Eli used for her baby when living in Israel. Every mom had one, and when she moved back to the US there was nothing that compared. When she had her second baby she knew that during maternity leave was her chance to bring a fantastic playmat to more families. She spent all of her time in-between baby moments researching and creating the perfect playmat. She wanted to take the same magic of the playmat from Israel, but improve the quality, design, and safety. Eli believes non-toxic and organic baby items aren’t just “nice to haves” – they’re need to haves. So, she created Toki Mats – a safe, portable, on-trend kid product that doesn’t just fit into your life, but your lifestyle.

The picture is taken above a toddler sitting on a brown and white Toki Mats Padded Playmat with plates and a toy rabbit within reach.

  • Mom Owned
  • Clean Ingredients: Toki Mats meet Consumer Product Safety Commission safety requirements, and the various materials have the below certifications:
    • GOTS, GOLS, Oeko-Tex, SGS, TUV, Eco-tech, Intertek
  • Ethical Production: Sustainably and ethically manufactured in California.
  • Made in North America: Made in California, USA
  • Give Back: Offer a discount to Military, First Responders, and Teachers

While I don’t have a baby in my home these days (it’s a very bittersweet chapter), I do have three rambunctious little ones ranging from 2 to 6 years old and Toki Mats offer us a safe and comfortable environment to play. Cushier than our carpet and far easier to clean, we have our Toki Mat set up in our playroom under our Lily & River Climber (to protect our little ones when they get a bit too brave). When we’re not using our Toki Mat as a cushion during adventurous play it’s the perfect underpad for quiet time. Whether it’s reading or coloring, our kiddos can comfortably lay on their belly with the soft cushion under them for hours of fun. Inside and out, this play mat is perfection. The washable cover and neutral designs feel right at home in any space – and the non-toxic and chemical-free ingredients make this mama feel incredibly safe about having this product in our home.

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