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The Mission, Vision, and “Why” of Peeka & Co.

Posted by Anneliese Lawton

Every child and family is unique. And because of that, it can be hard to find credible products and reliable sources of information to help in your child’s development that align with your family’s values. At Peeka & Co., our mission is to provide a place where parents can come to learn, be inspired, find and support values-driven brands, and feel confident in what they’re purchasing for their little ones. 

Mom and baby cuddle together reading in a wooden rocker vetted and recommended by Peeka&Co
What’s the Vision of Our Marketplace?

We all want to be the best parents for our children. And in a world riddled with opinions and information, there’s often conflicting advice about what the best truly is. We do, however, find it important to raise our kids with intention and in alignment with their values.  Peeka & Co. was created to reflect those values. The values you want to see your children incorporate into their lives, and pass on to generations to come. 

We are a diverse, inclusive, and ethical marketplace. Our brands and play essentials are hand-selected and vetted with our Value Standards. They’re expert-backed, too. Sometimes, you need a credible source of information, sometimes you need an honest review from a real parent, and sometimes you simply need support. Our hope is to become the most recommended marketplace for modern parenting values. A safe space for parents to learn, shop, and find a sense of belonging.

Two little girls sit together on a couch smiling while holding dolls from Tikiri Toy
Why We Founded Peeka & Co. 

In the world of parenting, it’s easy to compare yourself to others. Our co-founder, Megan, did as a new mom. She fell into a cycle of listening to everyone else’s advice above her instincts, and in turn, feels like she missed out on a lot of joy that came with her baby girl. 

This is why our team is so passionate about Peeka & Co. We’re on a mission to help all parents and caregivers raise their children confidently with access to expert-led resources and values-driven products. Your values are important - and whether you believe it or not, you really do know what’s best for your family. We’ve created this space for you. We want you to feel free and safe to explore, become inspired, and feel supported.

Bitty baby lays on tummy reaching for wooden grasping ball toys

We’ve tried to create what Megan wishes she had - and hope Peeka & Co. becomes that safe space you’ve been looking for.

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