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"When's her naptime?" the other mom questioned. She was referring to my baby. I gave her a blank stare as my three-year-old tugged on my shirt and my six-year-old called from monkey bars. Thoughts began to swirl through my head: "Am I a bad mom because I don't have an answer?" "She kind of just naps on the go..." "Wait...what time is it?" "Am I late getting Emelyn from school?"

With four children, nap time in our house is sporadic at best. In fact, I consider it a good day if the baby sneaks a stroller nap during our walk (I'll even settle for a few minutes in the car on the way to school pick-up).


Sure, I miss the days when my entire focus was playing on the floor with my three-year-old. Of course, I dream of investing in my eldest's love of skating and gymnastics for my six-year-old. I see my older two patiently waiting for me to try to calm my toddler's tantrum and finish my baby's feeding so we can start our game of Uno. Sacrifices are being made by everyone in our family, every single day.

Somehow, we've created an environment my children love growing up in. Somehow, amid the busyness, my husband and I live slower than before. 

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