Sustainable, Inclusive Toys Children will Treasure for Years to Come

Numerous studies show that representation in media can improve the self-esteem of children of diverse backgrounds. Though representation in books and media has been improving slowly, finding toys that cater to children of all colors, abilities, and cultural backgrounds hasn’t always been easy. Thankfully there are many toy makers who are working to change this.

Not only are toy makers today concerned with improving representation of children—many are also embracing safety and longevity of the materials used to fabricate toys. Organic, non-toxic toys that are safer to use and more representative of all children are getting easier to find? Here are some examples.

Tikiri Toys - Aurora in White Organic Dress and Gold Wings

 Price: $33


Tikiri is a family-owned company with Sri Lankan roots. They make homemade toys that are a joy to behold and an alternative to plastic items usually found in stores. Their Aurora doll is made of organic materials and is safe for newborns. Along with being a great choice for children who want a doll that resembles them, parents can feel better knowing they’re giving their child a toy that is safe to use, easy to clean, and sustainably made. 


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Tikiri Toys - Joe - Boy Doll in Dungaree and Cap

  Price: $38


Tikiri’s Joe Doll is cuddly, soft, and exudes confidence. It’s soft enough for use by newborns and will bring comfort for years to come. Dressed in overalls, a corduroy hat, and a stylish pair of shoes, this doll is bound to bring joy to adventurous children who want to take a new well-dressed friend along with them for the ride. 


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Tikiri Toys -  Luca the Fox 

 Price: $34

Children who love animals are in for a treat! Luca The Fox is a rag doll by Tikiri that is 19.7 inches in length, made of soft materials, includes an embroidered design, and is free of plastic. With its endearing features, dress, and squishy feel, there’s nothing more comforting than giving this doll a hug after a long day of playing and learning! 


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These are only some of the exciting inclusive toys available. With their conscious design and sustainable practices, children are sure to enjoy one (or more!) of these toys while parents can feel at ease about the components used to make them.


Ingrid Cruz is a freelance writer and journalist covering pop culture, mental health, and social justice. She still enjoys art and a cup of coffee.