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Product Review: Wee Gallery Gift Set

Posted by Anneliese Lawton
Family-Tested, Family-Approved

    You’re here because you want to know if Wee Gallery is awesome - we did, too. That’s why real parents put everything on our marketplace to the test. Every play essential brand on Peeka & Co. is vetted - aka, played with by real families to ensure it meets our standards and values. After racing toy cars, rocking baby dolls, and building with blocks - we review our experience. Only the best products make it to our marketplace. This is our family-tested, family-approved approach. And most importantly, it's how we ensure a brand aligns with your values, too. 

    Is there a play essential on your list you’d like to see us test and approve? Email us at: Who is Wee Gallery? 

    Mom and dad duo, Surya and Dave, were fascinated by the idea of helping their baby’s brain develop by simply playing with visuals. With backgrounds in teaching, chemistry, botany, and zoology - they created Wee Gallery. Taking into account each stage of child development to encourage learning through play, their high-contrast visual patterned play essentials support your little ones growing mind. 

    Black and white art card featuring an elephant from Wee Gallery's Art Card Jungle Set lays next to a black and white blanket covered in cartoon animals

    How Does it Work? 

    The Wee Gallery Gift Set features some of their most popular toys and is sure to bring giggles and smiles to your little loved one. The set includes an organic teether, top-selling Art Cards, and Organic Cotton Muslin Swaddle. These high-contrast toys are designed to stimulate baby's senses and to elicit joy and wonder. They are developmentally appropriate from birth to 18-months, so they will grow with baby. 

    The sets are ready to be gifted in a lovely Wee Gallery box and come in a variety of adorable little animals, including penguin, sloth, llama, sea turtle, and rhino. 

    What Does it Cost?

    The Wee Gallery Gift Set is $68.95.

    Black and white cards numbered 1,2,3 sit with wooden blocks matching 1,2,3 lay on top of them and three art cards from the Wee Gallery gift set show 1 gorilla, 2 pandas, 3 birds

    First Impression

    When I had my first baby six years ago contrast imaging wasn’t really mainstream. Instead, my baby’s nursery was filled with colorful books, blocks, and toys. A lot has changed since then. Wooden toys and high-contrast cards, books, and blocks are replacing plastic, colorful clutter. A neighbor on my street recently had a baby, and I went down a rabbit hole to see what’s “in” these days. My youngest is only two, but even since then, there has been an influx in baby products that promote healthy development. Wee Gallery is one of those brands.

    I first saw Wee Gallery products come up on a friend's Instagram page and she praised the way their cards engaged her newborn. When I began to do some research not only did I learn the importance of contrast imaging in the early years of childhood development, but just how cute Wee Gallery’s line of toys are! I knew this set would make the perfect gift for my neighbor’s newborn baby boy and I was right! When the product arrived, it was so beautifully designed and packaged. I couldn’t wait to give it to them. 

    What makes this brand/product special?

    Before a baby learns to reach and grab with their hands or crawl and sit-up their eyes are providing important information and stimulation for their development. A baby’s brain undergoes an amazing period of development from birth to three years old, and high contrast images offer the best opportunity for newborns to focus on visual stimuli and promotes visual exploration and engagement. Baby lays on a blanket holding up a card with a drawing of a deerBesides the incredible benefits of Wee Gallery’s products, their founder’s story is something special, too. When Surya and Dave had their son in 2002, they began to study everything they could get their hands on about babies’ development. That’s when they discovered that: 

    • Newborns can only see are far as 12 to 15 inches away

    • They are most taken with their parents’ face

    • They are drawn to simple but repeating geometric shapes in black and white

    • At around six months of age they begin to recognize animal forms

    Suyra, a graphic designer with a background in Chemistry, Botany, and Zoology, along with Dave, who was a teacher, was fascinated by the idea of helping their baby’s brain develop by literally playing with visuals. So they built a fun and creative world of animals and nature theme, thoughtfully designed to entertain and educate. 

    Value Standards
    • BIPOC-Owned 

    • Mom-Owned

    • Give Back

    • Ethical Production: Strive for sustainable and eco-friendly practices, materials, and ethical manufacturing. They avoid dangerous effluents involved in production to keep their team safe.

    • Clean Ingredients: Wee Gallery uses organic cotton for all textile products, FSC certified paper for all paper products, and bamboo and rubber wood for all wood products. 

    • Child Development: Provide babies with effective visual stimuli and interactive experiences ideal for their development. 

    Newborn baby lays with fingers reached out to a white Wee Gallery card with a drawing of a penguin in black ink.

    My neighbor (and her baby) love the Wee Gallery Gift Set!  They’re sturdy, durable, and a beloved addition to their playtime routine. My neighbor says she’s gotten so much use out of the beautiful cards during the newborn phase. The muslin swaddle was also perfect for her summer baby, keeping him cool and covered during walks. Each item is perfect for tummy time and great for captivating your baby’s attention as they learn memory, sensory, and motor skills. One of the best parts – since the cards are thick and sturdy with a protective finish – they easily wipe clean! As her baby gets older, he’s enjoyed sitting with the cards, flipping them over from front to back – and they’re the perfect tool for keeping a wiggly baby distracted during diaper changes!