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Product Review: Tikiri Toys

Posted by Stacey Skrysak

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How many stuffed animals and toys do you have taking up too much space in your home? If you’re like me, it’s an endless cycle of secretly taking plush toys out of the toy bin and placing in the donate pile when your toddler isn’t looking. In my quest to declutter and find a few quality toys for my soon to be 3-year-old I discovered Tikiri Toys, a family owned company that creates not only beautiful handmade toys but unique products that are made to last.

What is Tikiri Toys?

From rubber teethers and bath toys, to lovies and dolls, Tikiri Toys is a Sri Lankan business that creates handmade toys using non-toxic, organic materials. The family behind Tikiri has been in the toy business for decades. Each toy is made using ethical practices and the company prides itself on being environmentally friendly. Fun fact: the company name means “teeny tiny” in their native language of Sinhala. It’s perfect for their target audience: young children with adorable teeny-tiny hands used to play with toys.
Two little girls lay on a blanket playing with a soft hand-made dollhouse by Tikiri Toys.

What does it cost?

Tikiri Toys are under $50 (except for doll furniture), which for handmade and hand painted items, seems like a bargain. The majority of teethers and lovies are between $14 - $25, with most dolls costing between $22 - $42. 

First Impressions

We are big fans of pretend play in our home, so we opted for the popular friends: Meiya the Mouse and Alvin the Elephant plush toys with soft rubber heads. We also chose Taylor, a blonde hair doll.

Little blonde girl stands in a field holding her little blonde Taylor doll made by Tikiri Toys.

Our dolls arrived promptly with minimal packaging, which was a nice touch given many toys these days have so much excess packaging and waste. As my daughter opened up her gifts, her eyes lit up. The toys are the perfect size for tiny toddler hands, measuring just under 10” for the full-size animals, and the plastic heads on Meiya and Alvin were soft.

Meanwhile, Taylor, the blonde hair doll, was an instant hit with my blonde hair girl. The cuddly doll has the cutest features and my toddler hasn’t put her down in weeks, even taking her to preschool for show and tell.

What makes this brand/product special?

Not only are the products adorable, they spark the imagination! From playing house to making animal sounds, Tikiri Toys are wonderful for pretend play. And the best part? They grow with the child! The soft rubber head is perfect for a baby who is teething and the different materials that make up Meiya and Alvin are great for sensory exploration.

Baby lays on their back gazing into the camera next to their Meiya the Mouse lovey from Tikiri Toys.

With dozens of animal options for rattles and teethers, there truly is something for everyone.

The Bonikka collection of dolls is guaranteed to be a hit with little ones. The dolls are extremely soft and the embroidered facial features make them truly one-of-a-kind. There are dozens of options with a mix of clothing, and I like that the company offers several boy dolls, not just girls.Little one cuddles their boy Tikiri Toys doll close as they playThe Bonikka collection comes with adoption papers, giving children the special feeling of adding a new member to the family. My daughter loves her Taylor doll and noticed right away that it looks just like her!

Value Standards
  • Tikiri Toys has won a number of global toy awards, but I think what makes me like the brand even more are the people behind the scenes. Tikiri toys are not mass produced like many toys on store shelves. From sculpting, to molding, to painting, each toy is handled and created with a human touch. And the owners pride themselves on a positive work environment for their more than 1,000 employees.
  • BIPOC-Owned 
  • Clean Ingredients: All rubber toys are made from 100% pure natural rubber and awarded GOLS (Global Organic Latex Standard) accreditation. BPA & Phthalate free.  
  • Ethical Production 100% pure natural rubber. 
  • Certified plastic free baby toys - BPA free & Phthalate free

Everything about Tikiri Toys is amazing. From the backstory and history of the company to the well-made toys and the passion to create products without harming the environment, these products are well worth the price. With so many toys on the market Tikiri offers a unique alternative to the mass-produced plastic toys. When I watch my child play with her dolls I see the wheels of her mind turning and her imagination running free. The cute and cuddly toys will be a mainstay in our home, something I can picture being passed down from generation to generation. To explore more fun from Tikiri Toys, check out our marketplace.


Stacey Skrysak is a seasoned journalist, writer and public speaker, but her proudest role is being called "mom". She's the mother of a 22 weeker surviving triplet and a rainbow baby. Through her experience, she's become a voice for child loss, premature birth and infertility. These days, she sprinkles in the trials and tribulations of raising two confident girls--a spunky 4th grader and a sassy toddler!

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