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Product Review: Toys Your Toddler Will Love from Clover + Birch

Posted by Stacey Skrysak

Family-Tested, Family-Approved

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Toddler girl sits on the floor playing with the wooden Peg Puzzle Toy by Clover & Birch.

Finding the perfect toy for your toddler can be tricky. So many times, our children pick up a toy and are bored within minutes, ready to move on to something new. After strolling the store aisles looking for toys for a recent trip, I was at a loss. I needed something that could provide entertainment and something that could be transported for play time in the car, as well as at grandma’s house. After arriving home empty handed, I turned to the internet and discovered Clover & Birch.

What is Clover & Birch?

Clover & Birch is a mom-created (Girl Power!) company geared towards simple, natural products. The wooden toys are meant to spark the imagination and allow kids to go back to the basics with toys for different developmental stages and ages.

How Does it work?

Clover & Birch is a labor-of-love brand with a desire to provide purposeful, modern toys to eco-conscious families. They create beautiful, all-natural products for playtime and development. Crafted for babies, toddlers, and big kids you’ll find everything from teethers and rattles to busy bags and fidget toys. Their lines are inspired by the interests of the founder’s own children – making this family brand truly one-of-a-kind. 


Little girl plays with sustainable and durable Mini Wooden Rainbow Stacker toy from Clover & BIrch.
What Does it cost?

Most Clover & Birch toys range from $10 - $40, with the larger activity gyms and hammock costing $75 – $125. 

First Impression

With a 2-year-old daughter at home, I was looking for some play essentials that would give her a variety of play options. My order included the Peg Puzzle Toy, the Mini Wooden Rainbow Stacker, and the Busy Bag Set – 4 Pack.


Clover & Birch wooden sustainable Peg Puzzle Toy sits on white carpet.


Our shipment arrived in one long and narrow box, each toy tucked neatly in a simple white bag with a drawstring. My 2-year-old loved peeking into the bags and the excitement of watching her unpack each product was adorable. Plus, I really like how the toys arrive in a mini drawstring tote. That makes it easy for clean-up and storage, as well as keeping them separated from each other.

  • The Peg Puzzle Toy comes with a wood base, along with three wooden pegs in different lengths.
  • The Mini Wooden Rainbow Stacker includes three pieces that form together to create a rainbow.
  • The Busy Bag Set comes with four separate bags. Each includes different tiny toys – a bowl and scoop set, an egg cup set, an alphabet set and an animal matching set.
Clover & Birch Mini Wooden Rainbow Stacker unstacked and set with imaginative play.
What makes this brand/product special?

Cue the imagination! The Clover & Birch play essentials are so simple that your imagination is free to create. My toddler instantly became enamored with the Peg Puzzle Toy, quickly figuring out how to pretend to hammer and rearrange the pegs. And the Mini Wooden Rainbow Stacker was a hit! Not only did she create a rainbow in the sky, she also used the pieces to stack and make a pretend garden. But our favorite? The Busy Bag Set is a must-have in our home. The four bags are like little pockets of surprises, each one unique and sparked a passion for pretend play.

The Clover & Birch play essentials are sturdy, solid wood with smooth curves that can withstand a child (or even a curious dog) nibbling on them. All of the wooden toys are very easy to clean with just water and a little vinegar or soap. Unlike so many plastic products, these quality sustainable toys could last a lifetime. What’s even more impressive is watching my daughter’s gross motor skills on display as she hammered the pegs or pulled each wooden coin out of the cinched bag. There are so many ways to play with these toys. Whether it’s working with the alphabet coins to spell a word or using the egg cup and the bowl to whip up a pretend meal, the possibilities are endless. And while it’s geared towards a toddler, I found that my 9-year-old daughter loved the wooden toys just as much as her little sister. The two of them spent an hour quietly playing together letting their imagination run wild.


Clover & Birch Busy Bag- 4 piece wooden play toy lays open with wooden pieces falling out.


An added bonus: The Busy Bag Set is great for the car! We recently took them on a road trip and had fun creating our own games using the various toys. They are compact enough not to take up much space in the car and perfect for little kid hands.


Mom-owned and woman-run, Clover + Birch was inspired by a desire for families to have beautiful toys, made of natural materials. Created by Taylor, a Georgia-based mom of six free-spirited little ones, the Clover + Birch product lines are inspired by the interests and developmental stages of her own children, making this family brand truly one-of-a-kind!


Clover & Birch Mini Wooden Rainbow Stacker sits in a rainbow on a white carpet ready for play.
  • Mom Owned – Clover & Birch was founded by mom of six, Taylor Van Pelt.
  • Made in North America – They manufacture all of their products in-house in Atlanta, Georgia. 
  • Child Development: 
  • Clean Ingredients: 
  • Ethical Production: 
  • Give Back

After countless hours of playing, and a few toddler meltdowns when I tried to clean up the toys, I definitely recommend Clover & Birch toys. The brand creates quality toys with a wide variety of options and would make a great gift for children. I like that it’s a woman-owned business, and as a mother, you can tell the owner puts a lot of thought into every product. With so many toys on the market that often break after only a few uses, I truly believe Clover & Birch toys could last a lifetime. The sturdy and unique toys offer something for every child, with a world of imagination at their fingertips. To explore more fun with Clover & Birch, check out our marketplace.