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Product Review: Manhattan Toys Deep Sea Adventure

Posted by Anneliese Lawton

Family-Tested, Family-Approved

You’re here because you want to know if Manhattan Toy is awesome - we did, too. That’s why real parents put everything on our marketplace to the test. Every play essential brand on Peeka & Co. is vetted - aka, played with by real families to ensure it meets our standards and values. After racing toy cars, rocking baby dolls, and building with blocks - we review our experience. Only the best products make it to our marketplace. This is our family-tested, family-approved approach. And most importantly, it's how we ensure a brand aligns with your values, too.

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Who is Manhattan Toy? 

Originally founded in 1978 by Francis Goldwyn, Manhattan Toy pioneered the use of non-traditional fabrics in toy design and introduced delightful new body styles in soft toys. Now mom-owned with a female executive team, Manhattan Toy aims to bring joy to every day play. As early pioneers of play, they continue to create safe, sustainable, and inspired play essentials for early childhood.

How Does the Manhattan Toy Deep Sea Adventure Work?

This colorful wooden activity center is packed full of exciting features and deep sea characters! It includes 4 quadrants in the shape of a jellyfish with a variety of activities: gliders, bead runs, spinning gears, springy coral, and clacking clams. Little ones will love exploring all of the moving parts by pulling, pushing, and gliding them through various holes and tracks. Deep Sea Adventure offers seated and kneeling play for young toddlers. Although hefty in construction, it is not designed to provide standing or pull-up support. Standing play is only recommended for children able to stand unassisted. 

The Manhattan Toy Deep Sea Adventure toy sits in a playroom.
What Does it cost?

Deep Sea Adventure is $130.00

First Impression

It’s not square! So many activity centers for kids are square – but the Deep Sea Adventure wooden activity center is shaped like a jellyfish. It packs classic toddler activities into a beautiful sea-shaped creature. There are gliders, coral flaps, spinning gears, bead runs, and clacking clams. My toddler was completely engaged and loved investigating how every part lifted and moved. The center is also colorful and highlighly detailed – it immediately captured my daughter’s attention. And with four different sides, there is always something new to discover! It’s also incredibly sturdy. It’s perfect for baby’s who are sitting on their own, along with a toddler who is able to stand and explore. This is definitely a toy that will grow with your baby (and looks adorable in a nursery or playroom space). 

A toddler stands at the Manhattan Toy Deep Sea Adventure toy playing while a baby sits playing with another cross-section of the play set.


What makes this brand/product special?

Manhattan Toy believes the most powerful thing any of us play with in life is our imagination – and it really shows in their lineup of toys and products. As early pioneers of developmental play, they focus on creating toys that promote the right challenge at the right time. This means their toys aren’t just fun, but they support a little one’s cognitive, emotional, and social development during various stages of early years through play. Manhattan Toy also places a lot of thought into the design of their products – from patterns and colors to structure and function. For example, will a toy fit nicely on a shelf or will it become part of the home environment? There is so much thought that goes into each and every item from design, durability, safety, and use. And it shows – Manhattan Toys has won numerous Toy of the Year awards! 

The Deep Sea Adventure toy against a white back drop

This sensory toy is packed full of motor skills activities to captivate your little one's attention. They won’t even know they’re practicing their fine and gross motor skills as they explore everything the Deep Sea Adventure has to offer. It’s made from high quality wood and there isn’t a single bit of plastic, which I love. With four different “quadrants” there are a bunch of different activities to keep your little one occupied. Each gear, spinner, and flap encourages fine motor skill development. With all of the features, your little one’s imagination will soar! Since it’s made with a water-based, non-toxic finish you can feel comfortable in the safety of the product (kids put their mouths on everything). It’s a classic toddler wooden activity center with a Manhattan Toy spin! Perfect for a first birthday gift, nursery toy, or children’s room decor piece.