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Product Review: Louelle Goodnight Gift Set

Posted by Anneliese Lawton

Family-Tested, Family-Approved

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Who is Louelle?

Founded in 2016 by sister-in-laws Amy and Sally, Louelle makes timeless, luxury sleeping bags, bedding, towels, accessories and apparel for babies and children. Each piece is thoughtfully Designed in both the brand’s New York and Melbourne studios, and ethically produced in India. Their fabrics are selected to ensure breathability and softness while combining a pastel palette in light linen fabrics.

The Louelle Goodnight Baby Set in Grey Gingham
How Does it Work?

The Louelle Goodnight Baby Gift Set is designed to be both a personal and useful present for baby and parents as they create their bedtime rituals. The set includes a stylish bath and bedtime linen essentials including their playmat (which can also be used as a quilt), apron bib, and hooded towel. 

What Does it cost?

The Louelle Goodnight Baby Gift Set is $225.

Baby feet and a eucalyptus branch lay on the Grey Gingham quilt by Louelle.

First Impression

What a beautiful heirloom for a new baby! Simple, luxurious, and soft, I only wish I had the Louelle Goodnight Baby Gift Set when my first son arrived. The brand creates elegant and simple designs (many of which are gender neutral) for babies. 

The quilt is reversible, fresh, and modern – perfect to match any occasion or event. It’s soft for wrapping your baby into during a crisp fall walk and sturdy enough to lay on the grass as a play mat in a park. All around, it’s such a handy item to have. Since the mat is made from 55% linen, it’s also a wonderful blanket for snuggle on a summer’s eve. 

Baby girl with a white bow in her hair crawls, wearing the Louelle bib in Tartan.

Next there is the apron bib – and how sweet it is! This mealtime essential adds the perfect little flare to your little one’s attire. Mealtime can be messy, and the large coverage of the bib aids in preventing spills and stains on your little ones clothes. The terry fabric is soft and the perfect protectant for adorable little wardrobes. I love the darling little ruffle on the sleeves along with the simple tie closure on the back. I don’t even look this elegant during mealtime!

Lastly, this set includes a charming terry hooded towel. There’s nothing I love more than pulling my little one out of the tub, wrapping them up in a warm towel, and snuggling them just before placing them in jammies. The soft terry cotton with crips contrasting trim and hood keeps little ones warm from head to toe. 

What makes this brand/product special? 

Toddler stands in a wooden crib with the hooded bathing towel on their head, the towel draping like a cape behind them.

There are so many reasons to love Louelle, but one of my favorites is their commitment to sustainability. Louelle is committed to minimizing their environmental impact. Their product philosophy is based around slow fashion with all of their products being thoughtfully designed and made to last. Their production also produces minimal waste. Louelle produces small product runs that are available until sold out. 

Then, there is the high-quality of the product. Everything is designed in New York and Melbourne with luxury in mind. A true timeless gift for any new baby. You can even monogram their products for an extra special touch. 

  • Mom-owned 
  • Ethical Production: Louelle takes great care to build and maintain relationships with fair factories across the globe. The factories they work with are required to uphold high standards of social and quality compliance including fair working conditions, fair wages, working hours and workers’ rights. 
  • Clean Ingredients
  • Give-Back: Louelle has donated and supported a number of like-minded charities in the past (including the Disaster Relief and Recovery fund for the Australian bushfires).
Baby lays on the Palm Beach Pink Stripe quilt by Louelle and wrapped in the hooded towel part of the Louelle Goodnight Gift Set

A first impression of a luxury baby brand is that it may not be suitable for every day, but with Louelle that’s far from true. Louelle’s pieces are timeless, soft linen pieces that not only make luxurious gifts for a baby or child but are a wonderful addition to their day-to-day life. From sleep to play to mealtime, Louelle’s breathable fabric is there with you every step of the way. The products can be washed with warm water and tumble dried on low. My two year old daughter loves the soft wrap of the towel after bath time, followed by a snuggle in her quilt during our bedtime routine.