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Product Review: Kidamento Kids Digital Cameras

Posted by Anneliese Lawton

Family-Tested, Family-Approved

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Who is Kidamento?

Zoe and Roland joined the proud world of parenting in 2019. They were overjoyed seeing the world through their child’s eyes and wanted their little one to be able to capture his own memories. But, they couldn’t find the perfect kids camera. Kidamento has created adorable toy cameras for kids that take real pictures and have that undeniable kid-appeal – most importantly, they’re durable, too.  

How Do the Kidamento Cameras Work?

There’s nothing like seeing the world through your child’s eyes, and now you can! The Kidamento Kids Digital Cameras are designed for children age 3 and up. The camera features adorable animal designs, IPS touchscreen, and some even have a built-in instant printer making it easy for little hands to build confidence as they adjust various modes and settings. Your child will love exploring the various frames and filters as they explore their creativity. The best part: it’s super durable and lightweight – perfect for dropping and rough play. 

Little girl smiles brightly while holding a Kidamento digital camera for kids.
What Does it cost?

Kidamento cameras start at $79.99

First Impression

We have the Model P Panda Camera, and my goodness it is cute! We’ve had a competitor camera before a Kidamento, and I can vouch for the immediate first impression of Kidamento being met with much more enthusiasm from both my children and me. The camera is shaped like an adorable panda face, features a big screen on the back, and even has a spot for a roll of paper to print on demand! But within the camera box, there isn’t just a camera. Upon pulling out the camera my little ones discovered a scavenger hunt book, lanyard, and large sticker sheet (there was also a print paper roll, USB-charging cord, 16GB memory card, and user manual that I had to snatch up). 

Two girls lay on a dark wooden floor surrounded by black and white photos taken with a Kidamento digital camera while the girls gaze into the Model P panda screen.

The camera has a built-in rechargeable lithium battery, so it’s easy to charge on the go! 

The Model P is a great camera for my older two boys – ages 4 and 6. This kids’ polaroid camera comes with a large sheet of adorable decorative stickers, and approximately 20 built-in filters and frames to ignite their imagination. With their free App, you can also gain access to over 200 frames and coloring pages, plus another 10+ filters and even kid-friendly editing tools for printing. By the way, the print camera doesn’t require ink – it’s thermal paper, which is is basically magic.

What makes this brand/product special?

Can I say durability? Because I praise Kidamento for their durability. There is nothing worse than buying a piece of technology for your toddler and having them smash the screen only days later. I say this, because my kids literally dropped the camera only days after receiving it and it’s made to last. Kidamento cameras are made with a silicone casing that is comfortable for kids to hold and tough enough to endure during dropping and playing. The silicone is eco-friendly, and PVC, phthalate, and BPA-free. 

Out of focus is a plate of decorated cookies, and in focus is the screen of a Kidamento Digital Camera reviewing the picture the child holding the camera just took on a crystal clear vivid screen.

Many toy cameras are not kid-friendly – they’re typically bulky, heavy, take poor quality pictures, and are not budget-friendly. But Kidamento isn’t any of those things! Their cameras nurture children’s brains by allowing them to explore, observe, and analyze the world around them. And since they don’t include video games, it really fosters critical and creative thought without the added screen time. 

The photos on Kidamento cameras are undoubtedly at the top of the class among all kid’s cameras. And was rated “The Best Digital Camera for Kids” in 2022 by 

  • BIPOC-Owned
  • Mom-Owned
  • Clean Ingredients: The silicone used in the cameras is eco-friendly, and PVC, phthalate, and BPA-free. And, unlike traditional instant-print films, Kidamento’s instant print paper rolls are 100% recyclable.  
  • Ethical Production
In focus is the Model K Zippy the Sloth Kidamento Digital Camera while a child peers through the lense.

My kids love the Kidamento camera! I have three children, ages 2, 4, and 6 and each of them are able to use the camera in their own way. We live in a world where parents are constantly snapping pictures of their little ones, but now my babies get to do it, too (and in a safe and healthy way). I love literally seeing the way they take in the world around them. Sometimes it’s through photos of bugs and plants we discover on our nature walks… and sometimes it’s of each other making silly faces. The point is: they’re learning and having fun! The best part is when we upload the photos to our family computer – my kids become so prideful as they reflect back on the photos they took and the memories they made. We bring their camera on every big adventure (and even little ones around the house). Seeing as I have three kids – we give the Kidamento camera SIX thumbs up! 

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