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Product Review: Babymoov Cosydream Original Newborn Lounger

You're here because you want to know if Babymoov's Cosydream Newborn Lounger is awesome - we did, too. That's why real families put everything on our marketplace to the test. Every brand we carry on Peeka & Co. is vetted - aka, played with by real families to ensure it meets our standards and values. After racing toy cars, rocking baby dolls, and building with blocks - we review our experience. Only the best products make it to our marketplace. This is our family-tested, family-approved approach.

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Baby lays on grey Babymoov lounger, comfortably wrapped in the adjustable safety belt.

Babymoov Cosydream Original Newborn Lounger 
Family-Tested, Family-Approved

I have three kids; my oldest and youngest are six years apart. Six years doesn't sound like a lot, but when you think of how much has changed since 2016 - it feels like a different world. Six years ago, we were all just discovering Westworld and Stranger Things. High-rise pants and side parts were still a thing. There was no pandemic. I was in my twenties. Now, six years later, I'm considered a "veteran parent," and each day continues to bring new challenges and adventure.

Being a mom of three kids, I've had a lot of baby gear come through my home. I've also grown fairly confident about which products are "useful" for our family. But since having my first baby, the demand for "scientifically-backed" products has increased tremendously. There is already new research and advances in what's best for child development from just six years ago - and I've learned that our eldest's beloved baby things are becoming less relevant. 

Many new products are backed by pediatric experts, like the Babymoov Cosydream Original Newborn Lounger. I was interested in learning what makes this product expert-approved...and if it could really offer something to my baby that our other items didn't. 

Baby lays safely on the living room floor secured in the comfortable Babymoov Cosydream Original Newborn Lounger.

What is the Babymoov Cosydream Original Newborn Lounger?

The Babymoov Cosydream Original Newborn Lounger is an ultra-comfortable osteopath-designed baby nest. Think of it as a safe place to lay your baby. 

How does it work?

Place it down on a safe and sturdy surface, such as the floor, and lay your baby down on it. A rolling baby should not use this product.

What does it cost?

Peeka & Co. sells the lounger for $65.00

First Impressions

I never used a lounger with our firstborn. As a new parent, I felt unsure about what was safe for my baby to lay in. When we weren't babywearing, my husband and I usually passed our daughter between visitors to free our arms. But now, with three little ones pulling for our attention, we needed another solution. 

The Cosydream Newborn Lounger mimics a womb-like effect and creates a safe and comfortable environment for a baby. It also has an adjustable positioning roll to support and raise the baby's legs. Since our first two babies never used a positioning roll, I didn't think we needed one the third time around - but we've discovered that it's a total game-changer. Our thirdborn is much more comfortable and seems less gassy when resting with his legs in an elevated position. Perhaps a position Dad may start utilizing in the future. 

The Cosydream Lounger has a 15-degree incline that helps elevate the baby's head and torso when they may be congested. At the same time, the adjustable mico bead positioning roll supports the baby's legs. To adjust the roll, simply move its velcro up or down; it can fit a baby from birth to three months or until it starts to roll over.

We've been using the Cozydream Newborn Lounger in conjunction with our play mat, and it's truly elevated that whole experience for us. I feel comfortable laying our newborn on the floor, knowing he's in an ergonomically designed position. It also sports fitted head support that evenly distributes the pressure on the skull. This prevents flat head syndrome. I love this design element because it cradles the baby's head perfectly. It prevents him from swinging his head around and allows him to focus on the objects above or around him.

Baby looks away from camera while laying on Babymoov lounger, under play canopy mat.

What makes this brand/product special?

I love that Babymoov is founded by three college friends who later became dads! It's so clear that they have an understanding of what parents need and have incorporated it into their business practices and products. Their mission with Babymoov is to simplify everyday life for parents and take care of future generations. 

How is the quality of the lounger?

Babymoov highly values sustainability, the ease of use of its products, and the safety of all children. All of their products are made with premium materials (you can actually feel the difference when you open the lounger). Healthy care professionals recommend their products - and even better, this lounger was designed by a pediatrician and certified to meet all regulatory standards.

Another thing I love about Babymoov is that they put parents at the forefront of their designs - they think about what's easy for caregivers. For example, the Cosydream Lounger is entirely machine washable. (We've definitely tested this benefit with two other children, two dogs, and a cat - and the lounger has held up amazingly.) 

They're also on a mission to get rid of the "perfect parent" complex. I don't know about you, but this really resonated with me. Perfect parents do not exist. Babymoov believes that parents who try their best are excellent as is (insert applause). One way in which that's prevalent is their backing of an innovation lab where you (as a parent) can submit baby product ideas. Their vision of co-design is to "put the customer back at the center of the value creation process, starting from the principle that a product created by its end-user is more likely to meet the real needs of the market." I love this.

More About Babymoov

Founded in France by three college friends, now dads, in 1997, Babymoov’s mission is to simplify everyday life for parents while taking care of future generations.  Discover sustainable and safe play-yards, bassinets, and baby loungers made with medical professionals and parents. Its three founders (who now have 10 children between them) are still at the heart of the company and have developed a huge range of internationally successful baby products

Their unique, innovation process places usage at the core of product development. All of their products are created with parents to ensure they design a product that answers to your needs and makes everyday life, easier!

Baby lounges on soft blue and cream Babymoov comfort mat.

How does the Cosydream Newborn Lounger Align with the Peeka & Co. Value Standards? 


Clean Ingredients: Babymoov uses Oeko-Tex® certified fabrics, FSC® labeled packaging, and organic materials from the earth.

Safe for Children: All Babymoov products comply with current regulations, and the appropriate certifications have been attained for each sleep product. In particular, the Cosydream Newborn Lounger enables babies to sleep safely on their backs as recommended by the UK's National Health Service. It has been tested and certified free of harmful substances to meet U.S. and European regulatory standards. 


Backed by Parenting Experts: Babymoov's products and resources are backed and designed under the supervision of medical professionals, midwives, and parents

Ethical Production: Babymoov has developed its Greenmoov program to drive its sustainability efforts. This has resulted in Babymoov reducing its carbon footprint by launching its lifetime warranty program which reduces the waste of electronic products, as well as replacing plastic materials with new substitute solutions, such as biodegradable, bio-based, recycled, non-polluting materials. 


Designed for child development: The Cosydream Newborn Lounger has a patented osteopath design that has been developed to provide the highest quality and safety for your baby (ages 0 to 3 months - or until the baby starts rolling). 

Mom and baby play comfortably on the floor, baby secured in the Babymoov for safety and support.


The Cosydream Newborn Lounger was an easy decision for our family; it's easy to travel with, only adding to its list of benefits. We've taken the lounger with us when we visit grandparents and it's become a great place for our baby to take a nap when on the road. It doesn't matter whether this is the first or last baby; this really is an everyday use product for the newborn phase. To see more awesome Babymoov products, head to the Peeka & Co. marketplace.