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Cuddoll Hand-Knit Dolls and Finger Puppets Review

Posted by Anneliese Lawton

Family-Tested, Family-Approved

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While toys have certainly advanced in recent years thanks to emerging technology, there’s one beloved children’s toy that has largely remained the same – a snuggly stuffed animal. Every nursery, child’s bedroom, and playroom has at least one (usually a collection) of cuddly little friends. Cuddoll has taken this classic cuddly and turned it into an heirloom keepsake that little ones will incorporate into every aspect of their childhood.  

Who is Cuddoll?

New York-based and Turkish-born mom, Zeynep, has a passion for creating beautiful handmade products. Inspired by a doll her mother hand-knit her newborn daughter, Myra, Cuddoll was founded in 2018. Cuddoll’s premium organic, hand-knit stuffed animals, finger puppets, and dolls are loved by children and trusted by parents. 

Little girl stands in front of a red VW bus holding a reindeer hand-knit Cuddoll toy while wearing a red skirt and a shirt that says "Santa Clause 123 Elf  Road, North Pole"

How Does it Work?

Cuddoll creates adorable, safe, cuddly, heirloom dolls. The founder, Zeynep, didn’t just want to create a beautiful product – she also wanted to give-back and create a sustainable future. Cuddoll has partnered with an organization that creates a working environment for women who need emotional and financial support. They have built several workshop studios with the organization in Turkey. From beginners to experienced handcrafters, they are all welcome to join the Cuddoll team to create, share, and heal. These passionate moms are putting their creativity to use in making these unique handmade dolls in a safe and supportive environment.

The Cuddoll family stands for happy moments shared with your loved ones. It stands for a sustainable future for all, and it stands for all the women out there who have dreams.

What Does it Cost?

Cuddoll’s Finger Puppets are $28, while their large dolls cost up to $69.

First Impression
An adult hand palm-facing the camera holds the Cuddoll finger puppets on their fingers. They are a bee, an owl, a lady bug and a firely.

The Cuddoll finger puppets arrive in a beautifully branded drawstring bag, making it easy to keep them together after playtime is finished for the day. My two-year-old daughter’s eyes lit up as we pulled each colorful finger puppet out of the bag. I slipped the soft organic knit characters over my fingers as my little one smiled in glee. We immediately jumped into a make-believe Storytime, using our new finger friends as characters in the story.

Next, we explored the beautiful hand-knit Zena the Zebra. Zena, like all of their hand-knit friends, is made of 100 % organic content. I love the stuffy as a way to encourage my little one to be gentle and nurturing. She loves incorporating Zena into her make-believe play – like when she has a tea party with her baby dolls. The doll is also an adorable piece of accent décor in her nursery. When playtime is over I place Zena up on her bedroom shelf near her books. These dolls are soft, high-quality, and lovely. My older boys, ages 4 and 6, love them as well – so they’ve each picked out their own Cuddoll for their bedrooms, too!

Baby wearing a white onesie, hat and booties lays asleep in a crib next to a Cuddoll hand-made hippo.
What makes this brand/product special?

Where do I begin? As a brand, Cuddoll is truly something special. Not only was it founded by a mother-daughter duo, but they’re a duo that gives back to other mothers in need. Each doll is handmade, which means each doll has its own unique touch.

The founder, Zeynep, came to the United States in pursuit of the American Dream – and she created it with Cuddoll. After searching for the perfect doll for her new baby, Zeynep’s mother handknit a doll that matched Zeynep’s childhood doll. It became a deeply cherished gift for both Zeynep and her daughter, Myra. That day, Zeynep and her mother decided to design and build a collection to give these special moments and unique dolls to other moms and their little ones.

Baby sits in a rocking chair with a knit hat and a hand-knit Cuddoll toy next to his lap as he smiles.
  • Mom Owned
  • BIPOC Owned
  • Clean Ingredients: made from GOTS-certified organic cotton yarn and stuffed with hypoallergenic polyfill
  • Ethical Production: Sustainably and ethically handcrafted in Turkey.
  • Give Back: Support and hire passionate moms by creating safe workspaces for women to channel their creativity and make a fair income.

Along with being a source of comfort for my daughter, cute and cuddly Zena the Zebra has become a member of our family. Zena joins us in the car, out for grocery runs, and is always waiting for our little one after daycare pickup. For the number of activities Zena participates in, she’s held up incredibly well. Besides these dolls being beautifully made, I’m a forever fan of Cuddoll because of their practices. Being a mother is an incredibly hard job. While I can’t put my feet in the shoes of the mothers in Turkey who have had to leave unhealthy relationships, in supporting Cuddoll, I can support them. I love that Cuddolls are hand-knit by women who need emotional and financial support to start over and live a healthy life. This brand will undoubtedly be my go-to for all new baby gifts. There is such a wide selection of characters that it’s easy to find a buddy that fits any nursery theme. To explore more fun with Cuddoll, check out our marketplace.