Best Gifts for Two Year Olds

Posted by Anneliese Lawton

Whether you’re shopping for a birthday party for a niece, nephew or shopping for your own little one it’s not always easy to figure out what to buy. Especially when it comes to a toddler. Two-year-olds are transitioning from a baby into a toddler, and that means they’re getting busier and testing limits. When shopping for a two-year-old, you want to get something that supports their development, and also keeps them occupied. We have you covered. Check out our favorite gifts for two-year-olds. 

Manhattan Toy - Musical Lili Llama

Price: $58


The Manhattan Musical Lili Llama sits on a bright green background with a gold ribbon

Get your jam on! Your two-year-old will love making music with this Llama is loaded with fun and activities. There are so many different sounds to explore, created by spinners, two gears, one maraca tail, a five-bar xylophone, one set of washboard for ratchet sound, two crackling saddle blankets, and two mallets. This play essential is cute enough to leave sitting out for all to see and was named one of the Best Toys of 2020 by Good Housekeeping.


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Wee Gallery - Bamboo Nesting Bear

Price: $28.95

Four wooden pieces of the Wee Gallery Bamboo Nesting Bear spill out of the bag to show the delicate black and white designs.

This adorable nesting bear is made from sustainable eco-friendly bamboo wood and comes in its own printed cotton bag for easy storage and gifting. The arch style staker puzzle is uniquely designed as a bear, sure to delight toddlers and children who enjoy balancing, problem solving, and play activities. A perfect addition to your Scandinavian, woodland, or nature themed nursery. 


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Wee Gallery - Nesting Blocks, Woodland Numbers

Price: $29.95

Two year old girl sits on the floor and plays with the Wee Gallery Nesting Blocks with Woodland Numbers

Your toddler’s imagination will run wild with these whimsical woodland blocks. They will stack and play all day, exploring numbers and counting while enjoying high-contrast patterns and illustrations. This set contains ten blocks which will help children learn to count numbers one through ten, and encourage understanding value concepts as the size of the blocks grow with higher numbers. After play, blocks can be nested back into each other by size (perfect for clean up!). 


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Lily & River - Little Climber

Price: $285

Two little ones play together on the Lily & River Little Climber set in their living room

Voted the best foldable playground for climbing, sliding, bridges, and forts – your two-year-old will adore the Lily & River Little Climber. The set includes a climber, ladder/slide, and rockwall. Not only does the climber offer hours of fun, but it’s designed to enhance your child’s motor skills development, balance control, and so much more. 


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Lily & River - Little Matchables

Price: $60

Brightly colored shapes on round disks spill out of a canvas bag marking the Lily & River Little Matchables

The perfect activity for toddlers to practice memory, shapes, and colors. The Little Matchables game by Lily & River is a Montessori influenced memory game, benefiting playtime learning and fun, inspiring little ones to concentrate, focus, and strategize their next move. Made of natural premium hardwood, bright colors, this set offers endless playtime combinations and cleans up easily with a canvas string-tied pouch. 


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Lily & River - Little Steps

Price: $160

Little legs jump and balance on the Lily & River Little Steps

Another wonderful Montessori-inspired toy. Little Steps from Lily & River are rainbow stepping stones that help children with balance and coordination. Use the steps to create the ultimate obstacle course or a hot lava set up. Your toddler will love jumping, stretching, and moving through the six colorful steps. We also love that these come with furniture grade anti-slip pads to protect your flooring and your little one from slipping around. 


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All Circles - PlayBoard Wobble Board

Price: $159

Little feet stand on the Wooden Wobbleboard by All Circles

This PlayBoard is All Circles unique take on the classic wobble board. Toddlers imaginations will run wild as they explore the various ways to interact with the PlayBoard. It can be used to master balance and climb on, or flip it over as a ramp to race cars. Endless hours of play! We love that this toy is made for up to age 10, so it will be used for years to come.


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All Circles - PlayTower

Price: $259

Two girls stand together in the kitchen using the All Circles PlayTower to reach the cabinets safely

Toddlers love to get in where the action is, especially in the kitchen. Use this beautiful wooden kitchen tower to include children in baking and meal prep. This kitchen tower is safe and includes an adjustable platform to accommodate children up to 9-years-old and holds up to 120 pounds!


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Tikiri Toys - Meiya the Mouse Plush Toy

Price: $27

A sleeping little one lays with the large Meyia the Mouse Plush Toy by Tikira Toys.

The perfect cuddle buddy for any toddler. Meyia the Mouse is a large plush toy created from natural rubber and cotton fabrics (making it extra soft and cuddly. With delicate embroidered features, a gorgeous floral dress, and a cute pink nose, this plush mouse will become a beloved favorite.  


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Lollaland - Complete Mealtime Bundle

Price: $45.99

2 year old feeds themselves with the Lollaland Complete Mealtime Bundle

An easy grab-and-go birthday gift. Little ones will be all set for mealtime with Lollaland’s Complete Mealtime Bundle. Toddlers will love sipping from the straw cup, and eating off of the various shapes of the best-selling plate, bowl, and dipping cup. Available in a variety of colors and includes 2 spoons, 2 forks, and 1 hygienic travel pouch.


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