Best Gifts for Three-Year-Olds

Posted by Anneliese Lawton

With blossoming personalities and growing curiosities, your three-year-old is absorbing new information every day. As they enter their preschool years they’re testing limits and building a new found love of learning (and sharing what they’ve learned with the people around them). Whether you’re looking for a just-because gift or something for an upcoming birthday, our top gifts for three-year-olds have unique ideas your three-year-old will love. 

All Circles – Playbox All Set, Wooden Climber 

 Price: $679

All Circles Wooden Climbing play set it set up and prepared for climbing and exploring.

The PlayBox All Set is designed to give kids ultimate control of their play experience. Kids can connect them in countless ways. Climb, slide, connect, hide, and have a ton of fun! Remember, the floor is lava! Added bonus for parents: it stores away beautifully to save space and has a furniture grade finish which blends in perfectly with home decor. 


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All Circles – PlayBeam, Wooden Balance Beam

 Price: $149

Little hands and feet prepare to climb and rove all over the All Circles Wooden Balance Play Beam.
This PlayBeam by All Circles was designed with younger ones in mind. The wood beam is perfectly dimensioned to create a challenging yet safe rise in elevation to help develop gross motor skills. Little ones will love walking along the beam or using it as a playground for their imagination. We love that it’s suited for up to 8-years-old, so it's a gift that keeps on giving! 


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Lily & River – Little Rocker 

 Price: $390

The Lily & River Piklar Wooden Rocker in holds a cuddling mother and baby as they read a book together. Little ones will love this Pikler arch designed and built to entertain the entire family. Climb, rock, rest, hide, and play. But don’t stop there! From forts and obstacle courses to lemonade stands, we encourage you to get creative and find new ways to play. One of our favorite uses: cuddling up in the comfort memory pad with a book. Bonus: the memory pad comes with a removable washable cover.


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Lily & River – Big Mat

 Price: $249.95 

The Lily & River Big Mat provides support and safety as a young girl balances on her balance beam in her indoor gym.Perfect for the little ones who love to jump, tumble, and roll. The Lily & River Big Mat is a connectable, interactive, and multi-purpose playmat designed purely for a more fun, comfortable, and safer playtime experience. Again: washable (we love when brands think of the parents). 


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Magna-Tiles – Storage Bin and Interactive Playmat 

 Price: $25

Little girl reaches into the Magna-Tiles Storage Bin to grab tiles and build with her imagination

Little ones can’t get enough of these magnetic building blocks by Magna-Tiles. This one-of-a-kind Storage Bin Bundle Set comes with a collapsible storage bin. When it’s time to play, the bin unzips and unfolds into a brightly-colored, interactive playmat. When the fun is done, simply zip up the four sides and the playmat turns into a sturdy storage bin for your tiles and other toys. We love that the bin holds up to 300 tiles, so you can easily add more to your collection! 


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Kidamento – Zippy the Sloth Kids Digital Camera 

 Price: $79.99

Little one holds up the Kidamento Zippy digital camera shaped like a sloth

There’s nothing like seeing the world through your child’s eyes, and now you can! The Kidamento Kids Digital Camera Model K is designed for children age 3 and up. The camera features a cute, brightly colored sloth design and 3” IPS touchscreen making it easy for little hands to build confidence as they adjust various modes and settings. Your child will love exploring the various frames and filters as they explore their creativity. The best part: it’s super durable and lightweight – perfect for dropping and rough play.


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