Best Gifts for One-Year Olds

Posted by Anneliese Lawton

It can be hard to figure out what to get a one-year-old as a gift. They aren’t yet able to express what they like to play with and parents aren’t always fond of big items that take up a ton of space (or make a lot of noise). Having celebrated three first birthdays in our home over the last six years, I’ve narrowed down some of our favorite and most played-with toys for one-year-olds. 

Manhattan Toy – Deep Sea Adventure 

 Price: $130

Deep Sea Adventure play activity center by Manhattan Toy.

Every one-year-old will love standing up and playing with the Deep Sea Adventure Center by Manhattan Toy. Named by the Toy Association as a finalist in the Infant/Toddler category, this center is packed full of exciting features. Includes four quadrants in the shape of a jellyfish with a variety of activities including gliders, bead runs, spinning gears, springy coral, and clacking clams. Toddlers will love sitting and kneeling as they explore each feature. While the Deep Sea Adventure center is sturdy, it is not designed to be used for pull-up support. 


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Wee Gallery – Canvas Growth Chart, Safari

 Price: $41.95 

Black and white canvas safari themed growth chart by Wee Gallery

Track your little ones growth with this Canvas Growth Chart from Wee Gallery. Ethically and Sustainably made in India, the chart features sweet animal faces that smith as your little one grows. One of my favorite features: it comes in a special keepsake bag with a place for your child's name and birth date. 


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Wee Gallery – Alphabet Cards 

Price: $19.95

Wee Gallery Alphabet Card black and white letter D for deer card

It’s time to learn our ABC’s! These high-contrast, beautifully crafted animal and jungle cards by Wee Gallery are a delightful way for children to learn their alphabet.


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The Upseat – Baby Floor & Booster Seat with Tray 

Price: $109.99

Smiling young baby sits securely and comfortably in The Upseat – Baby Floor & Booster Seat with Tray

Because you want what’s best for your baby and they explore their surroundings or sit during mealtime. The Upseat ergonomic baby seat was developed with the guidance of leading physical therapists to encourage proper upright posture, and to be safe for developing hips. There is no other seat like this on the market, and is perfect for ages 4 months to two-years. Available in pink, blue, and grey. 


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Toki Mats – Rainbow Stamp in Cream, Padded Play Mat 

Price: $184

Child sits on Toki Mats – Rainbow Stamp in Cream, Padded Play Mat

A super comfy and safe place for a baby to engage in play time. These modern and natural foam mats by Toki Mats are a beautiful addition to any playroom or nursery while also providing a soft but firm surface for babies to practice milestones and play on the floor. The top of the mat features rust rainbow stamps on a cream background while the bottom features white stamped dashes on a light grey background. The best part: the fabric is removable and washable! A parents dream. 


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Cuddoll – Louis the Lion Hand Knitted Organic Stuffed Animal 

Price: $69

Louis the Hand Knit Lion by Cuddoll

A heirloom cuddly that children will cherish forever. Louis the Lion is 100% handmade with organic contents, featuring bright yellow yarn. Just like the sun, it will brighten up a little one’s day with a simple cuddle. 


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Lollaland – Complete Mealtime Bundle 

Price: $45.99

Lollaland Complete Mealtime Bundle with feeding tools, baby utensils, collapsible bowls and sippy cups in yellow packaging.

An easy grab-and-go first for a first birthday party. Little ones will be all set for mealtime with Lollaland’s Complete Mealtime Bundle. Babies will love sipping from the straw cup, and eating off of the various shapes of the best-selling plate, bowl, and dipping cup. Available in a variety of colors and includes 2 spoons, 2 forks, and 1 hygienic travel pouch. 


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January Moon – Moonlight Feeding Set & Clip 

Price: $44 

Baby holds fork attached to bib by the Moonlight Feeding Clip by January Moon.

Little ones will love this adorable spoon and fork set that attaches effortlessly to a teether clip – keeping baby’s utensils on hand and off the floor at all times. Kid-friendly and parent-approved, this set is great to bring with you when you’re eating out in public spaces and want to make sure your babies cutlery stays off the ground.


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