Best Gifts for 4-Year Olds

Posted by Anneliese Lawton

When my oldest turned four it hit me harder than any other birthday. I think it’s because I realized his babyhood and toddler years were officially behind us. While it’s hard to let go of full cheeks and soft, chubby fingers, there are so many wonderful things that come with a “big” kid in the house. As your little one is growing their world does too and they have more attention to focus on games and activities that encourage learning. Here are some of our favorite gifts for four-year-olds. 

Lily & River – Little World Games 

 Price: $70

Little boy plays with the Lily&River World Safari Set

Beautiful, hand-crafted, table-top games created by Lily & River to inspire learning and play.  With a focus on the earth, little ones will love learning about space, earth, and under-the-sea with each memory-based game. Choose from the Little Astronaut, Little Hiker, Little Diver, Little Farmer, and Little Safari. 


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Lily & River – Little Dome 

 Price: $450

Little girl hangs upside down from the Lily&River Little Dome in her indoor playroom

Little Dome by Lily & River is the ultimate playtime toy that provides the best play space for kids that love to climb. This indoor wooden climbing dome is designed to enhance children’s motor skill development, balance control, and creativity. It will quickly become a summit adventure on Mr. Everest, a cool cave to hide in, or an indoor playground with monkey bars. You’re sure to be a lifelong favorite if you grab this gift for a four-year-old in your life. 


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Tiny Tales – Rainbow Alphabet & Number Resin Set 

 Price: $60

Colorful pile of Rainbow Alphabet & Number Resin Set from Tiny Tales

ABC is as easy as 123 with the Rainbow Alphabet & Number Resin Set from Tiny Tales. Each kit includes uppercase letters from A-Z and numbers 0-9 in six different rainbow colors. 


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Kidamento – Instant Print Digital Camera 

 Price: $99.99

A little boy and girl peer together at the Kidamento Instant Print Digital Camera.

There’s nothing like seeing the world through your child’s eyes, and now you can! The Kidamento Kids Digital Camera Model P is designed for children age 3 and up. The camera features a cute Panda design, IPS touchscreen, and built-in instant printer making it easy for little hands to build confidence as they adjust various modes and settings. Your child will love exploring the various frames and filters as they explore their creativity. The best part: it’s super durable and lightweight – perfect for dropping and rough play. 


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All Circles – Playboard WobbleBoard 

 Price: $159

Little legs balance on the All Circles Wobblebeam

Designed with little ones in mind, All Circles has created a modern twist on a classic balance board. The WobbleBoard has an increased challenge of wobbled feat. Perfectly dimensioned to create a challenging yet safe rise in elevation to help your little one grow their motor skills and balance. Suited for up to age 7, so children will enjoy this gift for years to come. 


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Clover & Birch – Hammock 

 Price: $125

A baby and a toddler curl up with a book in the Clover & Birch hammock while their pet dog looks out the window

This simplistic hammock is an alluring and purposeful addition to any playroom or children’s indoor space. Your four-year-old will find comfort in the unique design that supports them as they move. The short width of the support bar allows for the hammock to be used in a seated position, while the gathered fabric provides space for reclining (similar to a traditional hammock). Curl up with a book, retreat for imaginative play, or relax with a gentle swinging motion. We love this gift for children with sensory processing issues that benefit from vestibular input. 


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