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8 Toys Suited for Fine Motor Development

Posted by Angela Anagnost Repke

Fine motor and hand eye coordination is crucial for child development but that doesn’t mean it can’t be a blast for little hands. Learning to grasp, pick up, stack, and fit objects into grooves comes naturally for babies and toddlers. So, why not give them toys which will last and grow with them? We’ve gathered some timeless fine motor toys for you to choose from. And we hope your child loves them just as much as we do.

Crafted by family businesses to local artisans, we hope this toy roundup saves you the time and effort of researching what’s best for you and your child.

1. Clover & Birch Fine motor development busy bag, $15.00

Age Range: 0-36 months

Clover & Birch set of 4 busy bags lay with their contents spilling from the canvas bags.

Clover & Birch is a mom-owned and operated creator of heirloom toys. This little busy bag is perfect for busy hands. Their fine motor skills will soar as their imaginations do, too. The wooden set comes in innovative shapes like an egg and cone which will spark the curiosity of your little one. The set is made from all organic wood and all of the shipping materials used are recycled and compostable, too.

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2. Manhattan Toy

Best for: Fine motor development stacking toy
Made in: China, Vietnam, & Thailand
Price Range: $26.00
Age Range: 9 months + 

A curved wobbly stacker with a smiling puppy face at the top with colored rings stacked one on top of each other

This stacking toy takes a spin on the classic. Your child won’t just stack with it, but they’ll also learn how to balance objects through the toy’s magnetic wobbly nature. The wooden toy is built to last for generations and get your child’s fine motor skills sharpening.

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3. Wee Gallery

Best for: Fine motor development lacing toy
Made in: China & South India
Price Range: $19.95
Age Range: 3 years + 

Wee Gallery lacing toy - White rabbit with a hat with a ribbon laced through for dexterity

Wee Gallery toys are made by a couple dedicated to your child’s growth while also using natural and sustainable materials. Your child will love dressing up these imaginative creatures while practicing their lacing skills and honing their fine motor skills. These hand-illustrated characters are sturdy enough for your child’s busy hands and hours of hand-eye-coordination fun.

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4. Lily & River

Best for: Fine motor development stacking toy
Made in: United States
Price Range: $59.95
Age Range: 12 months – 8 years
Little hands build with Lily & River Little Stackables This all-in-one toy is perfect for tiny hands and fingers. The unique wooden toy can be used for stacking, imagination, and practicing shapes and colors. The aesthetic and natural design is pleasing so it will work in a nursery or playroom. This Montessori-inspired toy will help your child’s concentration, fine motor, and creativity flourish. The stackables also come in a canvas bag to make it easy to tote out the door. Oh, and you’ll feel good about purchasing from this family-owned business who manufactures their toys from Arizona. Because with each item purchased, Lily & River plant one tree to help the reforest our planet.

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5. Tiny Tales Boutique 

Best for: Fine motor development sensory toy  
Made in: Canada  
Price Range: $46
Age Range: 3 years + 

Little hands explore the rice, toys and tools in the Tiny Tales Boutique Bugs, bugs, bugs! sensory play kit.

Kids love bugs and finding treasures which makes this sensory toy by Tiny Tales Boutique the perfect toy. Your child can plunge into the rice to find bugs, rocks, and more. From here, they can look through the included magnifying glass to get an up-close look. Watch your child’s senses come alive as they search for all things nature-inspired.  

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6. LollaLand

Best for: Fine motor development mealtime bundle   
Made in: United States or Germany
Price Range: $45
Age Range: 6 months + 

A blue bowl, plate, spoon and ramekin by Lollaland sit on a white tabletop full of breakfast cereal, milk and berries.

Babies learning to feed themselves is one of the simplest ways to work on their fine motor skills and hand-eye-coordination. This complete set by Lollaland is both made in the United States and is made by the safest quality materials for your baby. The set comes with a sippy cup, utensils, plate, bowl and dipping cup just the perfect shape and size for your growing baby. As seen on Shark Tank, Lollaland products are on the rise and the family-owned business couldn’t be happier.

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7. Magnatiles

Best for: Fine motor development building toy
Made in: Philippines 
Price Range: $119.99
Age Range: 3 years +

Magnatiles engineer a colorful castle build on a white background.

Magnatiles is a toy that will truly grow with your child from toddlerhood to, well, forever. This 100-piece classic set is sure to help your child build their fine motor skills while also stretching their imagination. With geometric shapes, they’ll learn how to problem solve and build creative objects only they can dream up.

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8. Clover & Birch

Best for: Fine motor development peg puzzle toy
Made in: United States
Price Range: $24.99
Age Range: 6 months +Two kids play on the floor together with then Clover & Birch peg puzzle toy Babies and toddlers love the old-fashioned peg game without even realizing it hones their fine motor and eye coordination. This natural wooden set is perfect for tiny hands and fingers learning to problem solve, and because of its aesthetic design, it’s sure to be passed down for generations to come.  

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