8 Toys and Games to Help Your Child Learn Their Letters and Numbers

Posted by Angela Anagnost Repke

Getting your children acquainted with numbers and letters can be fun and engaging. And at Peeka & Co, we understand the importance of giving your child the best literacy foundation you can. So, if you’re trying to develop a collection of early childhood education toys, this roundup can help get you started.

These products are perfect for curious fingers and minds. From hands on and interactive games to a classic alphabet sign, these products will fit into any space nicely.

Crafted by family businesses to local artisans, we hope this toy roundup saves you the time and effort of researching what’s best for you and your child.

1. Clover & Birch

Best for: Nursery or playroom décor
Made in: United States
Price Range: $24.99
Age Range: 0-60+months

Clover & Birch black and white alphabet banner hangs on a white wall

Clover & Birch is mom-owned and operated, hoping to give you heirlooms—not just toys to be thrown away. This engaging sign décor is perfect for the nursery or playroom. It's simple and eco-friendly design will help your child recognize their letters without even realizing it. Clover & Birch signs are made from birch wood and no VOC organic paint. Plus, all of their shipping materials are from recycled materials which are also compostable. 

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2. Lily & River

Best for: Early childhood math skills and play wooden toy
Made in: United States
Price Range: $59.95
Age Range: 24 months—6 years 

Lily & River Little Numbers wooden toy for practicing numbers and math

You’ll feel good about purchasing from this family-owned business who manufactures their toys in their Arizona workshop. This wooden toy set is perfect for the Montessori child. Children can learn to count, add, and subtract with this engaging set which comes with a tray, number tiles, canvas bag, and marker chips. The baby-friendly sealant will make you feel good about the toys your child is playing with. The raw wood and neutral colors will liven up any playroom and make learning fun. Oh, and with each item purchased, Lily & River plants one tree to help reforest our planet. 

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3. Clover & Birch

Best for: Early childhood alphabet skills and play busy bag
Made in: United States
Price Range: $12.00
Age Range: 0—6 years

Young child plays on the floor with the Clover & Birch busy bag.Busy bags are a parent’s best friend and what better way to use them than to learn. This canvas bag full of wooden letter chips are just right for your child’s cognitive development. They can learn to recognize letters and even build words as they mature. The chips are hand-stamped with non-toxic ink and sealed with coconut oil to ensure the safety of your child.  

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4. Wee Gallery

Best for: Early childhood number skills and play blocks
Made in: China & South India 
Price Range: $29.95
Age Range: 24 months + 

Little girl focuses intensely on the numbered nesting box toy set from Wee Gallery.
These whimsical blocks will help your child learn to count while unleashing their imagination. The woodland creatures add charm to any playroom and liveliness to your child’s creativity. All ten blocks nest into one another for both convenience and ease. Wee Gallery toys are made by a couple dedicated to your child’s development while also using natural and sustainable materials.

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5. Manhattan Toy

Best for: Early childhood number skills and play game
Made in: China, Vietnam, & Thailand  
Price Range: $15.50
Age Range: 24 months + 

Manhattan Toys Subi! Blue canister sits open with round game pieces decorated with bright colors, numbers, letters, and words.Subi is a game created to help your child’s numerical development. Kids love to learn through play and Subi will certainly do just that. With three games in one, this toy will grow with your maturing child. These sturdy chips can work on their matching, memory, puzzles, counting, and more with this engaging game.

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6. Wee Gallery

Best for: Early childhood number skills and play flashcards  
Made in: China & South India 
Price Range: $19.95
Age Range: 24 months + 

Young girl leans over her Wee Gallery flashcards

Again from Wee Gallery, these charming nature-inspired flashcards will help your child master their number skills. Whether they play a matching game or just want to learn their 123’s, they’ll be immersed in number play. These durable cards are printed with eco ink.

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7. Wee Gallery

Best for: Early childhood alphabet skills and play flashcards
Made in: China & South India
Price Range: $19.95
Age Range: 0—6 

Little hands hold a black-and-white large letter "D for deer" flashcard from Wee Gallery

These charming alphabet animal cards are perfect for any baby, toddler, or preschooler. The beautiful black and white illustrations make it appealing to babies and easy to grasp letter recognition for toddlers and beyond.  

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8. Tiny Tales Boutique

Best for: Early childhood alphabet skills and play flashcards
Made in: Canada
Price Range: $15.00
Age Range: 0—6

Bright ABC letters lay in a curve next to Tiny Tales Boutique flash cards to learn uppercase and lowercase letters

These simple letter flashcards can make the first step of literacy fun. They are divided up into upper and lowercase so your child can begin to differentiate at an early age. The pastel colors and rounded corners make it appealing and easy for little hands.

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