7 Minimalist Playrooms Essentials

Posted by Angela-Anagnost Repke

When choosing items for a minimalist playroom, parents are purposeful in selecting items that best represent their family’s needs and values. Clean lines, durability, and eco-friendly products are usually at the top of the list. Functionality is important, too. Wooden rockers and climbers, a soft play mat, and a handful of Montessori-inspired toys are a great place to start. Check out our favorite items to create a serene and minimalist play space. 

Toki Mats

Best for: Padded play mat     
Age Range: 0+ 

Baby lays in the middle of the Toki padded play mat.

 This mom-owned company is committed to making the most comfortable play mat for babies and toddlers. Modern and cushioned for safe play, your little one will love tummy time and exploration with you by their side. Made out of organic and vegan materials and doting a clean design, these play mats will be the best investment for your minimalist playroom. 

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Best for: Quilted play mat     
Age Range: 0+ 

Liberty Blue Betsy patterned padded quilt by Louelle

Beautiful and simple, Louelle quilted play mats fit in any space. Designed in Melbourne and New York, their soft half-linen, half-cotton materials will make your baby coo in comfort while reaching their milestones. The play mats are also double sided so you can flip them any time you need—another simple perk.  

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Wee Gallery

Best for: Reversible play mat     
Age Range: 0+ 

 Both sides of the acorn shaped reversible mat by Wee Gallery.

This reversible mat is purposefully illustrated with black and white whimsical characters to help your baby’s development. The simple yet artsy drawings appeal to any nursery or playroom. They are designed by a couple with a background in graphic design, education, botany, and zoology—a perfect combination for creating items for a baby’s growth. 

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Wee Gallery Canvas Growth Chart 
White canvas banner with black safari animals on the Wee Gallery growth chart.

Track your baby's growth with an adorable canvas growth chart from Wee Gallery. The chart is ethically and sustainably made in India. The cotton fringe at the bottom adds the perfect amount of originality. Its simplicity and fun aesthetic will go in any nursery or playroom, providing a pop of play.  

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All Circles Playarch Wooden Climber & Rocker 

Age Range: 18 months—10 years 

Two laughing children sit back to back in the wooden All Circle Rocker Climber playing inside

Developed by two friends, this wooden rocker and climber by All Circles will be cherished by both you and your kids for a lifetime. Its clean lines and everlasting play will be a staple in any space. Your child can rock, climb, and tumble on this elegant play arch to help enhance their large motor skills. And because it’s an open-ended toy, your child’s creativity and imagination will flourish. 

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All Circles Playbox Mountain Top Wooden Climbing Set

Age Range: 2 –9 years 

Toddler plays atop the wooden All Circle Climber Set in the living room.

Another great design from All Circles. This all-purpose climbing set will prove to be the staple in any home. This sturdy toy is set up for endless possibilities and hours of fun. Watch your child’s imagination and gross and fine motor skills soar on this beautiful wooden play gym. Another bonus is that it can fold up and be stored away when it’s not in use. 

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Lily & River

Age Range: 1 – 6 years 

A toddler and preschooler play actively on the Lily&River wooden Little Ninja play set.

This charming pieces from Lily & River are perfect for any little ninja. There are countless possibilities. Your child can experiment as they climb, slide, balance and more. Their gross motor skills and imaginations will take off as they create memories. Plus, you’ll feel good about purchasing from this family-owned business who manufactures their toys from their Arizona workshop. And with each item purchased, Lily & River plant one tree to help the reforest our planet. 

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