Playroom Design

6 Simple but Stunning Nursery and Playroom Design Ideas

Posted by Heather Dixon

Designing and decorating a room where your child can explore, be free, and let their imaginations run wild should be a fun task—even if you’re not an expert with décor. Whether you’re creating a serene room for your baby or a rambunctious play space for your toddlers and preschoolers, it’s easy when you have the right elements. Here’s a list of some simple tips along with a few of our favorite recommendations to help you bring your little one’s room to life.

Add touches that are both pretty and practical
Two girls smile and whisper secrets while playing and enjoying the T padded mat to add style and function in their playroom.

You don’t have to be a pro at design to bring a little flair to your nursery or playroom. It can be as simple as adding small bean bag chairs, large stuffed animals, or even the perfect playmat. You can choose one as elegant as this one, or as striking and classic as this one. Find the style that best matches you and your little one and add it to your room for one of the easiest and most useful design elements ever.

Create a climbing space
Toddler kneels at the top of the PlayBox Mountain Top Climber, a lightly colored wooden frame with a ladder and slide attached on opposing sides for children to explore and climb.

When kids have a room of their own, they’re definitely going to need space to roll, jump and, best of all, climb. Adding a wooden climber with an indoor slide is like a dream come true for little explorers. These climbers encourage unstructured free play, imagination and they also store away to save space.

Decorate the walls
Black and white Jungle Alphabet tapestry from WeeGallery for pretty and practical playroom decoration

No room is complete without wall art. Bring a sophisticated look to your space with a gorgeous tapestry. Or, if you prefer, hang something that can grow with your little one. Literally. This canvas woodland growth chart adds a sweet touch to walls of any color.

Set up an activity station 
Small person sits at the Little Creator table with chairs by Lily & River to do crafts or eat a snack in their pleasant playroom.

Little ones love to create, and they also need the space for it. Even the smallest space could use a table that’s just the right size for your little ones so they can play, read, do crafts, or anything else they can get into. It’s also a perfect spot for snack time!

Incorporate learning with style
Clover & Birch Black and white alphabet banner hangs on a playroom wall to bring learning together with play

Creating a room that’s also an engaging and playful learning space for babies and toddlers is important. And using a wall decoration like this one that displays the alphabet is a great introduction to letters for baby. The classic black and white design also means it can grow with your little one, and even stick around when they head off to school (sob!) and learn the alphabet with their friends.

Add some whimsical elements 
Sisters curl up together in a Clover & Birch hammock with their pet looking out the window.

When it’s time to unwind after a long day of playing, retreating to a safe haven that feels like their own little heaven is key. It’s easy to give your child’s room a whimsical feeling by adding simple touches, like this neutral-colored hammock. Add some pillows, a play mat or throw rug, and a bookshelf filled with all your favorites, and you’ve got the cutest little reading nook ever.

Bringing personality into your child’s room can be as easy as finding the right pieces. Happy designing!


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