Holiday Gift Guide

25+ Holiday Gifts for Newborns to 4-Year-Olds

It’s that time of year again, the lead-up to the holidays – when parents, aunts, and grandparents begin the frantic search for the perfect toy. 

Ah, the perfect toy; it’s different for every kid. A little magic, a little make-believe – it’s rarely a toy that dazzles and dings (parents, am I right?). The perfect toy really comes down to one thing: thoughtfulness. What does your little one actually like? And more importantly, is the toy suitable for their age and stage? 

While a thoughtful gift usually shows the gifter listens to the recipient (yeah, buddy – race cars are super cool), Peeka & Co., takes it one step further: thoughtful gifts show we care. 

Carefully curated for ages 0-4, this holiday gift guide guarantees those big-smile reactions. You may even secure a spot as the World’s Best Aunt.  

However, it’s also worth noting that these gifts align with some pretty special values. When you buy from Peeka & Co., local makers, small business owners, charities – real people – they’ll be smiling this holiday season, too. 


For Tummy Time


Organic Baby Play Mat - Explore Reversible Baby Play Mat

Price: $98.95

A soft setting for snuggles and play. Made in India using organic fabrics, you’re little one will love practicing their push-ups on this hand-illustrated play mat from Wee Gallery.

Dual-sided, there is always something fresh and new for your baby to explore, from woodland creatures to a pattern of hand-drawn houses. The black-and-white high-contrast graphics are proven to engage and support baby development from their earliest days. Easy to fold and machine washable, this piece of playtime art is a favorite for parents, too. 

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Sensory Clutch Ball - Nordic

Price: $42.95Baby laying down holding black and white clutch ball

If you’re hoping to gift a baby their new “favorite” toy this holiday season, this is it. Popularized by Montessori educators, Wee Gallery’s Sensory Clutch Ball is designed to delight a baby’s developing senses while stimulating them as they grow.

The brand’s high-contrast hand-painted Nordic graphics grab a baby’s attention, while the varied textures (including the super-soft organic shell fabrics) provide tactile stimulation. The segments make it easier for a baby to clutch than a regular ball, and when it drops, it won’t roll too far away. This is the perfect ball for a baby’s first Christmas and makes an excellent keepsake.


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Baby Sensory Toy- Wimmer Ferguson Mind Cubes

Price: $26 

While babies may not care that their toys are backed by research, parents do – and the Wimmer Ferguson Mind Cubes reflect over 40 years of academic research. This four-set of soft cubes features ribbons, numbers, letters, shapes, and patterns in high-contrast graphics.

From just weeks old, the patterns will stimulate your baby, and as they grow, the product adapts to the changes in your baby’s visual development (color, design, and complexity). They may even entice your little one to crawl if you place them slightly out of reach. This unique collection of soft blocks has won the hearts of babies and parents for more than 30 years.


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Big Play Mat

Price: $249.95

Let’s get ready to tumbleeee (on the perfect landing pad)! Connectable, interactive, and multi-purpose, the Big Mat from Lily & River was designed for a more fun, comfortable, and safe play experience.

Perfect for tummy time or under a climber or rocker. Little ones will love the soft memory pad, while grown-ups will love its durability (and, most importantly, how easy it is to clean). 

The Big Mat Set can be transformed into a 12-foot gymnastic runway, fitness pads, comfort seats, and even nap time beds. From tummy time to toddler time, this gift will grow with your baby for years to come.


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For 6-12 Months


Play and Activity Gym - Timber

Price: $75

There’s nothing parents like more than big and clunky toys that take up space – just kidding, those gifts will get you on the naughty list. Allow us to recommend the Play and Activity Gym by Clover + Birch.

This simplistic baby gym is an alluring, purposeful addition to any nursery or play space. The modern design and neutral pallet is a peaceful and stylish addition to any home without the overpowering presence of typical children’s gear.

The natural accessories encourage a baby’s hand-eye coordination by inviting them to reach and grasp items within their view. And, when playtime is over – simply remove the middle rod and store flat until it’s needed again.


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Feeding Starter Gift Set

Price: $56.99

Introducing a baby to solid food is both a fun and messy milestone. Que: the Lollaland Feeding Starter Gift Set.

You know you can’t go wrong here, because “gift” is literally in the name of this product. Adored by celebrities (seriously, Beyonce backs this brand), Lollaland creates high-quality feeding accessories for babies and toddlers that you can trust.

This gift set features Lollaland’s flagship and beloved sippy cup – the Lollacup, an adorable 2-in-1 Solid Food Feeder and Cactus Teeth, the leak-proof and spill-proof Panda cup, and best-selling toddler utensil set. The versatility, playfulness, and development features of these products will delight little ones from 6-months to two years old and beyond. A perfect gift for a baby’s first Christmas (and since it’s dishwasher-friendly, it's parent-approved). 


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Saddle Signature Teething Necklace

Price: $54


It’s a not-so-silent night with a teething baby in the house. A perfect stocking stuffer for babies and parents, the Saddle Signature Teething Necklace by January Moon is perfect for soothing sore gums.

Handcrafted with non-toxic silicone, the beads are easy to grip with little hands when baby is looking for comfort. Plus, the beautiful colors and design elevate these teethers from any other, making them a fashion statement for adults.

Kid-friendly, adult-friendly, non-toxic, and the perfect gift for new babies this holiday season.


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Toddler Balance Board - Little Surfer

Price: $160 

Catch some waves, race some cars, and even regulate an overstimulated sensory system with Lily & River’s Little Surfer.

This smart balance board was designed to help little ones with playtime and quiet time. From ages 12 months to eight years old, babies and kids will enjoy standing, twisting, and playing with the board to practice balance and coordination.

The Little Surfer boosts physical activity and gross motor skills development. Plus, it benefits children’s imagination and creativity – inspiring littles to relax, jump, and stretch for daily exercise.


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Wildwoods Owl Push Cart

Price: $120

Give the gift that’s sure to be a hoot!

This owl-themed wood push care by Manhattan Toy offers three ways to play – seated, standing, or on the move (the perfect grow-with-me gift). Packed full of fun activities and fidgets, the opportunities for exploration and play are limitless.

Little ones will be enticed by the shape sorter, bead run, glider, clackers, spinners, washboard, mirrors, fabric leaves and more. Between the grownups, this toy is great for encouraging motor development and cause-and-effect learning with every session. The wood wheels feature plastic rims that roll across most flat surfaces.


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For Two-Year Olds


Wood Activity Center - Tree Top Adventure

Price: $130

Named by the Toy Association as a finalist in the Infant/Toddler category, this wood activity center is packed full of activities to captivate your little one's attention. (They won’t even know they’re practicing their fine and gross motor skills as they explore everything the Tree Top Adventure has to offer).

With four different “quadrants,” there are a bunch of different activities to keep your little one occupied. Each gear, spinner, and flap encourage fine motor skill development. With all of the features, your little one’s imagination will soar!

Since it’s made with a water-based, non-toxic finish you can feel comfortable in the safety of the product (kids put their mouths on everything). It’s a classic toddler wooden activity center with a Manhattan Toy spin! Perfect for a first Christmas gift and makes a beautiful accessory in any nursery or playroom.  


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Stacking Game - Little Stackables

Price: $60

A small activity that packs a big punch – this children’s Montessori stacking game makes a perfect stocking stuffer. Designed by Lily & River, the Little Stackables game encourages little ones to practice their shapes, colors, and fine motor skills, which in turn supports balance control, and coordination and boosts brain activity.

The pieces fit perfectly in little hands and are easy to pick up. Little Stackables encourages imagination, and creativity, and inspires little ones to concentrate and strategize their next move. For easy clean-up, the set comes with a canvas bag and Little Glider wooden airplane gift (basically a two-for-one deal).


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Doll House with Wooden Furniture

Price: $95Two girls sitting in the grass playing with a doll house

Introduce your little one to the world of play with this gorgeous fabric dollhouse from Tikiri Toys.

Perfect for play on the go, Tikiri has mastered a compact-doll house filled with fun. From the moment your little one opens the door to the dollhouse; they’ll discover a world of creative play.

Featuring a beautiful fabric doll, a wooden bed, dresser, three seats and a table, a red door, clothing line, and farm-scene on the inside. A perfect gift for the kid in your life who loves to tell stories.


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Nesting Blocks - Baby Animals

Price: $29.95

A compact gift that will leave little ones reaching for the stars! Imaginations will run wild with these whimsical baby animal stacking blocks by Wee Gallery.

Featuring the brand’s high-contrast patterns and illustrations, this gift is a perfect first Christmas gift – but also offers much for toddlers and beyond.

This set contains 10 blocks which helps little ones learn to count, and it also encourages understanding of value concepts as the size of the blocks grow higher with each number. After play, the blocks can be nested back into each other by size (parent-approved bonus), another valuable feature for growing minds and hands.


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For Three-Year-Olds


Baby Cognitive Memory Game - Jungle

Price: $28.95

Your favorite Wee Gallery illustrations on “big kid” games. The Wee Gallery Memory Game is perfect for encouraging cognitive skills while having fun.

These sturdy and adorable leaf-shaped cards fit perfectly in little hands, and the simple designs are easy to recognize for your growing toddler. Kids will be entertained by the animal and plant illustrations, designed to encourage conversation and imagination.

This is the perfect starter game to kick-off a family game night tradition. This jungle-themed set includes a monkey, lemur, frog, iguana, and other wild jungle animals. Play with your little one or challenge them to play alone.


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Baby Stella Brown Doll with Black Hair

Price: $41

Of all the many reasons we love Baby Stella, there’s one reason that takes the cake: Baby Stella is inclusive. Whether your little one’s hair is black, brown, blond, or red, and whichever the color of their skin, there is a Baby Stella Doll that represents them. 

Baby Stella is an award-winning doll that is a perfect first doll for little ones. Soft to the touch with interchangeable outfits, Baby Stella inspires creative play and compassion. You little one will love exploring the doll’s lifelike toes, belly buttons, plump tummy, diaper, and magnetic pacifier. Grab an extra outfit or two for your little one’s stocking.


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PlayBoard - Kids Balance Board

Price: $159

Score fun-points as your little one wobbles away on another favorite "grow with me" toy.

This beautifully hand-crafted Wobble Board by All Circles is the perfect addition to any playroom. From crawling to 10 years old, the All Circles Wobble Board encourages balance and developing those gross motor skills. It's also an excellent tool for climbing and imaginative play -- you can use it as a boat or a ramp for a race car, the possibilities are endless.

Each Wobble Board is made of Baltic Birch and will bring natural elements to your playroom.


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For Four-Year-Olds


Bundle: Kids Digital Camera - Zippy the Sloth (Model K)

Price: $99.99

There’s nothing like seeing the world through your child’s eyes, and now you can!

The Kidamento Kids Digital Camera Model K is designed for children age 3 and up. The camera features a cute, brightly colored sloth design and 3” IPS touchscreen making it easy for little hands to build confidence as they adjust various modes and settings.

Your child will love exploring the various frames and filters as they explore their creativity. The best part: it’s super durable and lightweight – perfect for dropping and rough play. 


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Play Box Mountain Top Climber

Price: $495

Don’t let Santa take the cred for this one – the All Circles Mountain Top is a must for the busy little ones in your home.

Our entire team has fallen in love with this brand and product (which is kid-approved by the littles of our staff). With a ladder on one side and slide on the other, it offers challenging terrain for children ages 2 to 9 (and a fun way down from the top of the mountain). Plus, the mountain also acts as a cave, secret hideout, or passageway into the unknown.

Handmade in Canada, All Circles created this product to fit into the aesthetic of your home, and it can easily tuck away in a corner. Beloved by parents and kids alike, this “big ticket” item will result in big smiles.


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Bundle: Kids Print Camera - Koko The Panda (Model P)

Price: $169.99Two kids looking at a camera that is printing their photo out of the front

Is there an aspiring photographer in your home? Get them started with the cutest (and most durable) kids camera on the market. The Model P Panda Camera by Kidamento, and my goodness it is cute! The camera is shaped like an adorable panda face, features a big screen on the back, and even has a spot for a roll of paper to print on demand!

And within the camera box, there isn’t just a camera. Your little one will discover a scavenger hunt book, lanyard, and large sticker sheet (note: there is also a print paper roll, USB-charging cord, 16GB memory card, and user manual that the adults should put in a safe space).

With Kidamento’s free App, you will gain access to over 200 frames and coloring pages, plus another 10 filters and even kid-friendly editing tools for printing. By the way, the print camera doesn’t require ink – it’s thermal paper, which is basically magic.


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Holiday Inspired Gifts


Christmas Tree Floor Puzzle

Price: $26.95

Celebrate the magic of the Holiday Season while encouraging your little one to learn through play.

This beautiful 24-piece Christmas Tree floor puzzle by Wee Gallery is perfect for ages 3 and up. Your little one can explore their independence by piecing together the puzzle on their own, or you can kick-off the season with an afternoon of hot chocolate and holiday puzzles. 

The large pieces are suited to develop cognitive problem-solving skills in growing children. Featuring Wee Gallery’s signature wildlife illustrations in this whimsical woodland holiday puzzle.


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Lego Darth Vader Holiday Minifigure

Price: $30

Incorporate fun holiday décor in your little ones play space with a Lego Darth Vader Holiday Minifigure from Manhattan Toy.

Rocking a classic (and not-so-ugly) Christmas sweater, Darth Vader is dressed for the Holiday Season. Constructed with a soft body and flat feet, this Lego minifigure is able to stand upright on a shelf as a collectible room décor.

Unlike classic Lego, these plush minifigures are designed for soft play and snuggling. Put another brick in your little one’s foundation of imagination and self-expression with this inspiring Lego toy.


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Bear and Friends Christmas Stocking

Price: $28.95

Whether it's your baby's first Christmas or you’re itching to get your family a simple and adorable matching stocking set, Wee Gallery has a timeless stocking selection to suit your needs. Featuring the brand’s classic, high-contrast images, this Christmas stocking will give a touch of Wee Gallery to your family holiday season.

From adorable woodland creatures to festive cats, each stocking is printed on 100% organic cotton. The inner layer of the stocking features beautiful gold dots, while a grey band sits atop the stocking with a sturdy loop for hanging. Hang by the fire with care, in hopes that St. Nicolas soon will be there.


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Festive Fun Lacing Ornaments

Price: $19.95

Let your littles express their creativity by decorating their own tree! These sturdy and durable ornaments by Wee Gallery are simplistic enough to tie into existing holiday décor – but would be especially fun a dedicated kid-friendly tree.

Featuring six lacing cards to encourage hand-eye coordination and develop motor skills, color identification, and dexterity. Printed on thick, sturdy board – these are perfect for little hands to play with or to hang on the tree to admire.


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Montessori-Inspired Gifts


PlayTower - Montessori Wooden Kitchen Tower for Kids

Price: $259

Your little Sous-Chef will love seeing all the action with this beautifully crafted PlayTower from All Circles. Guide your child through prepping meals, mixing and decorating holiday cookies, or even provide them with a safe space to stand for coloring on higher surfaces.

With a removable rear safety bar and adjustable top platform, the PlayTower is perfect for ages 16 months to 9 years. The new standard in any child-welcomed kitchen. Help your little ones get up to where the action is with the All Circles PlayTower.


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Montessori Kids Wooden Slide and Play Ramp

Price: $379

Win the title of “Favorite Aunt” by bringing outdoor fun in this holiday season. This beautiful, handcrafted wooden Play Ramp (wooden slide) from All Circles is perfect for rainy day play or days indoors when it’s blistery cold (we see you California, and we’re jealous).

Little ones will love sliding, climbing, making forts, and even racing toy cars down he long ramp. The wide play surface offers an exciting and challenging incline for children to navigate while supporting muscle development. Perfect for ages 18 months to 9 years, this is another gift that will keep on giving for years to come.


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Montessori Kids Wooden Climber

Price: $285Girl climbing up a pikler triangle with climbing slide on the side

Fun uncle – do we have a fun uncle in the house? This "grow with me" climber is perfect for little ones ages six months to five years old. Kids will love using the Little Climber from Lily & River as a climber, slide, and bridge or to build forts (a great spot to host a cozy storytime, or during the holiday season you can add some bows to decorate it as a Christmas tree).

This climber comes in natural wood and fun color combinations like Under the Sea or Cotton Candy. It's also foldable, making it easy to store away, and the natural wood makes a great accent in any room.


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Montessori Wooden Rainbow Stacker

Price: $20

Timeless and classic, every nursery needs a rainbow stacker. Handcrafted by Clover + Birch, this neutral stacker will tie seamlessly into any play space. It’s the perfect gift for a first Christmas or toddler – and makes a great Secret Santa gift for a little you may not know all that well.

With endless possibilities for open play, little ones will love to stack it, balance it, or even use it as a racetrack! Cute and mini, trendy yet timeless, with this rainbow stacker, you can’t go wrong.


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When it comes to toys and gifts for kids, we have you covered. The Peeka & Co. team (who are parents or have nieces and nephews of their own) have tested, gifted, and personally recommend every item we feature. Find more of our top gift and toy picks for every age and stage on our blog, The Nurture.